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Bankers "Woe are we!"

Did anyone just hear during the Congressional Bank hearing the one bank representative state that their people don't make much salary so need the big bonuses. Are you kidding me? I know many lower level slugs in that industry that have a base salary of over $500,000 a year, more than the average person makes in a lifetime. Goldman recently reduced the base pay of their people by 45% to an average annual salary of $360,000 which means they were making close to $700K while they were wasting money away. These people have primary residences, vacation homes, private country club memberships, travel like rock stars and they are complaining. And the most remarkable thing about the entire banking industry is that is essential gambling, and these people get paid lavishly to risk other peoples money and then expect to be rewarded when they mismanage. I would be fired for the same thing they are getting paid ridiculous money.

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This is the only time Donald Trump

should be allowed in DC, to deliver his famous line.... You're fired!

to hell with these corrupt banksters


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I ceased long ago thinking

I ceased long ago thinking it can't get anymore bizarre or ridiculous. I mean it almost seems as if these people are purposefully mocking us with this sort of tripe.

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With the terrible decisions

With the terrible decisions that Congress continually makes, it almost seems to me that they are not only mocking us but doing these things in order to purposely cause the economic mess in the U.S.



The layers of insulation are so thick now they have made themselves untouchable short of a complete collapse or revolution, which is obviously what they are trying to stem.


Is ron Paul questining today

Is ron Paul questioning today on CNBC? 11:25AM EST at the Bank CEO tarp fund hearing??????