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The Amazing TARP Fund

Is it just me or are things I thought back when all of this crap was trying to pass starting to become a reality.

1st: I remember hearing about how all of the big banks were called into Paulson office and encourage to take part in the Tarp Program.

2nd: I remember how Paulson originally had it in the proposal that he could not be held accountable for anything. Not the way the money was distributed or how it was used.

3rd: Now after listening to alot of the Bank Reps that are appearing before congress I hear a common theme among most of them but not all (Morgan Stanley & Lehman Brothers). That places like Bank of America and others did not want or need the money but were encouraged to take it. Sounds like an attempt at a power grab by the Federal Reserve.

4th: I remember how Congressmen and Senators received 100's of 1000's of calls from taxpayers that were against this and how many stated they were receiving calls 100 to 1 against it. But they passed it anyways. WHERE IS THE PEOPLES VOICE!

5th: I am not on Capitol Hill and I could see how this thing was bad and how it was not going to work. I could smell the Stink from the rotting fish. How is it that a large majority of those that represent us could not. Are they out of Touch? Do they just not care? Are they Bought and paid for by Big Business? Should they all be replaced? HELL YES! And now these same congressmen and women are acting like they can't believe all of this and are playing dumb. Paulson and Bush need to be tried in a court of law. Then any idiot on Capitol hill that voted for this after receiving 100 of calls against it needs to be thrown in a Federal Pen. Essentially they have given all of our children Death Penalties and made us all slaves with this mountain of debt they are building up. They are all crooks and they all need to go to jail. Please remember that our Great New President also voted for it and so things are guarenteed not to get any better because he is no wiser or smarter then any of the others in Washington.

Isn't it AMAZING how the RON PAUL supporters knew and forseen all of this? NO, IT'S JUST COMMON SENSE! Something that is apparently in great need in Washington!

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This is a corporate take over

The idiots in Congress have no say in the matter, it's all just political theater. The media was even admitting yesterday that the testimony by the bank CEOs was nothing more than an attempt at political theater! And a poor attempt at that. This is about all Congress can do...bring the CEOs in and wag their finger at them to give the American people the impression that they're "mad" about it.