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Hate Crime Legislation Making something that is illegal more illegal based on the color of your skin. Treating people different under the law based on there skin color is a great way to spur on racism not eliminate it. The law should be blind to race.

Hate Laws - Ropes
Around Our Throats
By Harmony Grant

As we wait to see if the noose of hate crime laws will lynch American freedoms, other nations already suffer the chokehold. President Obama backs HR 262 and 256, two ominous "anti-hate" bills (See video Hate Bill Lies: Exposed! and article ADL's New 'Trojan Horse' Hate Bill at www.truthtellers.org) that will strangle US free speech rights, especially for Christians, conservatives, and anyone who criticizes a federally protected group.

Canadians, Brits, and too many others are already gripped by these laws. They squeeze the jugular of the public square, gagging anyone who expresses certain politically forbidden beliefs. Much of Europe now looks more like a Mideast dictatorship than a free Western nation.

Unless we can stop it, the federal hate law will break America's neck the same way.

Continue at: http://www.rense.com/general85/ropes.htm

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Do most people commit crimes

on the people they like?