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Lead Law Put On Hold

Heard on the news last night that the
new lead testing law for childrens
toys and clothes has been put on the shelf for a year due to confussion.
Go ahead and have that yard sale!

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Not true

It was only partially put on hold as I read. Used goods, small crafters that use all natural materials like unpainted wood, cotton and woolen fabrics, etc... were temporarily exempted for one year. Hopefully, our congress will do what is right and re-look at this stupid law.

If so

Why did truckload after truckload of merchandise for the amusement park my husband works for get turned away for not being compliant? Millions worth of clothing and souveniers. This was yesterday. Where did you hear this info? They are also having to dispose of left over merchandise from last year. A big blow.

It was on the local

news here in Seattle.A woman
with a second hand store thought she was going to have to close and the news caster
said the law has been put on hold because nobody is clear
about who the law affects.