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Digital TV and Silent Sound?

The Ron Paul Revolution has awakened millions of Americans to once again, question authority at all levels. "Truthers' and anti-truthers alike would agree that in its quest for power and control, Washington has in the past and continues to engage in dark and unscrupulous acts. Our government has shown itself to be quite comfortable on "the Dark Side" if it accomplishes some goal du jour.

Particularly at a time when the economy is in free-fall, we have damn-near twenty percent unemployment and we're at war with half the world; why would anyone in Washington spend two seconds worrying about people's ability to receive Digital TV broadcasts? What could possibly be their motivation?

In 52 years of life-on-planet, I have never seen anything like the government's marketing "pitch" for digital TV. Posters hanging in the post offices. Coupons for FREE converter boxes. Ads on TV and radio. And as this article points out, FCC officials now using the pastors of local churches to pitch digital TV broadcast from their pulpits! (Please read this article from the LA Times):


I've gotta wonder; What in the hell? This huge effort makes absolutely no sense. Especially in the context of the current overall environment.

Now... read this:


I know the inference sounds whacky... but does anyone else think they're selling this whole "digital TV thing" just a little too hard? I can't believe they're that concerned about "the clarity of my picture".... or maybe they are.

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I used to think they

just wanted to make sure
everyone had their daily dose
of propoganda,but now I think
it's more sinister.

I don't trust

any thing the government does (period). !!

this whole thing is strange

I took radio and TV courses for 3 years in school. I have thought this switchover was odd, I wonder what they want the old frequencys for?

Sell the dream. Push the greed button. Stress urgency.

To track the RFID chip.

To track the RFID chip.

you know,

"its sooo much better that by 2012, all tvs must be switched over to digital!". thank you congress for looking out for me again. i think you should make 2 ply toilet paper the legal standard, and do away with all others. F### peoples personal preferance! they dont know whats good for themselves. also, every tuesday shall be meatloaf tuesdays where every household must eat meatloaf for dinner, because I THINK its better.

sorry, that gets me heated.

"The state is the great myth where everyone tries to live at the expense of everyone else." - Frederic Bastiat

enhanced sight capabilities; (attribute)

Digital.... A very accurate system to surveilance people....Pixals & the variation of them...