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Tennessee Republicans are standing tall for the Party

This came to me via email. What a great example they have set. It is time we hold ALL of our Representatives feet to the fire.

Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh praised our recent decision at the Tennessee Republican Party to remove Kent Williams' Republican status after he broke his pledge:

Rush said "This is a great story, a great object lesson here. 'Tennessee Republicans got rid of the new House speaker from their party Monday. They did this while giving up their first chance in 150 years to control the entire Legislature, instead choosing to punish him for banding with Democrats to win his seat.' That means they got rid of the first majority controlled in 150 years because their House speaker was acting like a Democrat. That is amazing." (read the full story )

Here at the TN GOP we take seriously your Republican principles. We believe character and honesty are the most important building blocks of these principles. We must get back to the basics. People want to trust their leaders and their government. When people lose trust in our institutions we must make hard decisions to get back on the right path.

The Tennessee Republican Party has been consistently working for the issues that are essential to the core of our party.

And we are fighting against the liberal Democrat's agenda and members of the left-wing media who support their agenda of bigger government and wasteful spending.

Join us today in the fight in standing up for true Republican principles. Sign-up or renew your party membership for a $25 investment or join the Capitol Club to receive special updates that GOP activists value in our grassroots battles.

Kent Williams chose to bargain away your principles for his personal gain. He chose the easy but unprincipled path. Principled leadership is hard and priceless. That is why we are working hard for you. Join us today and help us continue the journey.

Paid for by the Tennessee Republican Party Not Authorized By Any Candidate Or Candidate Committee

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What part of Tenn do you live? I'm in Oxford Mississippi. Thanks for the letter