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Why was the New Deal a bad thing?

aaaaaaand go.

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It was a tyrannical approach to a predictable problem. Tax levels were raised to over 60% to pay for expanding welfare and government programs. I feel suffocated by government right now. The last thing we need is more of it.


I reserve the right to govern myself.

I reserve the right to govern myself.

Tucker Carlson the other

Tucker Carlson the other morning on the Morning Joe show, asked the liberal panelists what year did the market recover to pre-1929 levels. None there knew the answer. He gave the answer as 1954. The new deal did not end the Great Depression. The other panelists quietly ignored Tucker after that.

Where did the money come from?

That should answer the question of "why was it a bad thing?".

As you probably know, Ron Paul is NOT a big fan of government spending. Period. The reason is that the money for government spending has to come from somewhere.

To raise money, government can either tax (ugh!), borrow money (ugh!) or print money (ugh!).