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Turbo Tax insult

Is it me or has anyone else noticed the new Turbo Tax commercial that has some of our greatest presidents (or sad impersonations of them) telling Joe six pact that the only thing he needs to solve all of his problems is a big tax refund? It would be better if they were telling him to get rid of the Fed and income tax all together. I think it is funny in its self that Andrew Jackson is on the $20.00 and right above him it says "Federal Reserve Note". What a shame. If they could only see how they are being used today. So I would like to say to Presidents Grant, Franklin, and Jackson, I am sorry.

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Made me come to my senses and turn off the tv. Wondered if anyone realized the repulsiveness of that ad

Well, I noticed

I bought the basic version at Wal-mart (don't start) for $18 last year, and this year, $25.

Also treated my wife to an Outback dinner tonight, and the 9oz filet was $24, while it was just $18 earlier last year.

Deflation my A$$!

The part that I dislike the

The part that I dislike the most is when "Grant" says that the guys "deduction" needs a diaper change.

I agree, except

Keep in mind that Grant was a drunken dirtbag.

Barf bag please

That ad makes me sick..and I flip it when I see it.
We had our taxes done yesterday..NOT MY IDEA..but hey still trying to turn him around and yeah we need the money back that hey take...(think they took over 4000 we getting back under 650 fed..under 360 state..how nice..THOSE BASTARDS)..Anyway...we where ask personal questions..I kept my mouth shut for the most part but did ask...It is Constitutional for you to ask me that? The answer came back no its not but the choice is this..you dont answer..we stop..you dont get your money..and I report you to the IRS.
Some of the questions where:
What type of things do you plan on spending your refund on?
What charities do you give to that the government might not approve of?
Oh and I just LOVED this one: Do you approve of Obama and the stimulus?..I lost it..cracked up..and said HELL NO.
I think she typed that in..

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Are you serious?

Where in the h*ll did you get your taxes done?


They certainly wouldn't be advocating paying these taxes. It is a spit in the face of these patriots.

When the

tax revolt comes they will be folding their doors.

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My wife has been hearing me say the same thing almost every time I see the commercial. I'm sure she's tired of hearing it, lol.

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I stopped using Turbo Tax

Sure, it's nice software, but damn expensive. I went with TaxSlayer, costed me just $9.95 for Fed/State and I got everything back in 5 days.

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