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Awesome new country song about the bailout

Just heard this while working tonight. It is a brand new song by John Rich that is spot on about the bailout.

Below is a link to the audio:


And here is a link to a youtube interview/singing. The song starts at 2:45 if you don't want to listen to the beginning.


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Hate country music, but just forwarded this to 100 people in em

email. Like the lyrics and its so true.


Well not 100 people like you

But I did the same thing LOL

God Bless Country Music

I don't tend to like current country (I'm a sucker for the old stuff) but this is pretty good. Thanks for sharing.

Great song!

I heard it on the radio today for the first time.

Maybe Music Will Open Ears

and Eyes, and Minds, and Wake the sheep up...

Thanks for the post. You should listen to this one also: