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Where are the missing stimulus trillions Mr. President? Walter Burien has an idea!

How can Obama talk about issuing more massive stimulus monies when there are literally trillions still unaccounted for from the original package. Walter Burien says a good place to start would be an audit of government offshore management funds both directly or indirectly managed, this would determine the net results of the recent global market manipulations ... article link at www.CAFR1.com/BehindTheShellGame.html or www.taxretirement.com

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Walter Burien's work, on the brink of initial implimentation

in Florida, coupled with Dr. Edwin Vieira's two pronged (sound state money and constitutional state militias) approach will provide the upcoming Continental Congress 2009 with peaceful answers to the government's non-compliance to six scholarly written petitions for redress. Keep focused patriots. This year will mark a change in the tide in our favor.

Support: http://www.committeesofsafety.org/ http://wethepeoplecongress.org/
Light a BTH group candle @ gratefulness.org
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