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Ron Paul Supporter Running For Texas Governor!

Over the last several weeks there has been an increasing effort to
support Debra Medina in the 2010 Texas Governor Race.

Debra Medina is a true conservative. Debra is the Wharton
County Republican Chair, the Campaign For Liberty state coordinator
and founder of the Ambassadors Institute.

Mrs. Medina is the President and CEO of a medical consulting firm and has
been married for 26 years with 2 children.

A grassroots site has been launched in support of Debra's campaign


We encourage you to send Debra a campaign contribution and letter
of support to:

Debra Medina Campaign
c/o Mark Vacek
904 W. Montgomery
Suite 4-506
Willis, TX 77378

Meet Debra Medina this Friday, February 27th in Austin, TX by
reserving a seat at the Ambassadors Institute Liberty Lecture


To learn more about Debra Median visit:

Campaign For Liberty:


Debra Medina for Governor Facebook Profile:


Debra's Personal Blog:


Please share this info with everyone you know!

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