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Who is Alex Jones?

And Why is Alex Jones so Important to America?
Alex Jones, evangelist of Freedom, is one of the most important public figures in America today. Let me just say that first. I've been a listener of his for a couple of years now. Even though the mainstream media, and our current oligarchy, wish that folks like him would just go away
he's growing more and more in popularity daily.

In my journey thus far through life, one of the most valuable lessons I've ever been given, is that some of your best friends don't always tell you what you wanted to hear. Sometimes folks trying to show you the highest amount of "agape" are the ones who tell you that which breaks your heart the worst.

Some have said that Alex Jones is a trouble-maker, a madman, and even deluded. These kinds of things are always said about true patriots...at first.

I say that Alex Jones is a good man, who's had the courage to take on an unpopular topic of discussion, our uniquely American Freedoms. He does so eloquently and elegantly I might add.

Some would say that Alex Jones is nothing more than a 'conspiracy theorist.' I would say that, even though he might not realize it, Alex Jones is a friend of mine. He's a friend to us all. If Alex Jones were able to see all of the people, side-by-side that he's done good for, the line to his left and his right would extend beyond his vision.

As the last bastion of Freedom on the planet, it's all too important, that we Americans keep up eternal vigilance against those in DC and elsewhere that lust for too much power...and too much unearned income...from the labors of we citizens. That's what Alex Jones has stood up for since his first day on the airwaves.

A conspiracy is whenever any two or more persons plan any sort of a crime together in secret. That very scenario is the essence of government itself.
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I have paid many visits to Alex Jones' site.

Mostly to read the articles, though. I don't listen to many of the interviews because of the ranting. I know it's his style. But I'm not into it.

I did appreciate the Kid Rock thing, though. LOL.

Thanks Jefferson for giving AJ some credit.

The Kid Rock Thing Was Potent Satire

AJ has his own personality. He does alot of good. This revolution will take all kinds.

I'm glad he is onboard.


Knows how to run a radio show. He knows that just putting out information won't sell.

Think about it. Would you rather have no Alex Jones?

Yes he exaggerates, I know that for a fact when he reported on some activities I was involved in.

But I will still listen and just like any media source I will try to sort out the truth. After all, nobody has a monopoly on truth, and anyone who claims to have that monopoly is suspect.

Alex Jones has said to check out his stories, and I have, and most of them are documentable.

woo hoo!

The REAL Alex Jones

Don't get caught up in the hype that is Alex Jones.

Alex is crazed about being the center of attention and as such, when you take the limelight away from him, he gets mean and angry.

When one of his best friends, cameraman and producer, Mike Hanson ran for County Commissioner in Travis County, Alex had been preaching up until that point that 'We' must take back our county one elected position at a time. Look for Mike's name on many of the first video's that Alex Jones production created.

Since Alex was broadcasting on GCN (an Internet channel) at the time, Mike went to Alex to asked him to not only run ads during his show but to do the voice overs for the commercials. He didn't ask him to do it for free, and we had the money to pay for the advertisements for 6 weeks. One third during Alex's show and the other 2/3 thirds throughout the GCN 24 hour broadcast.

Not only did Alex turn down his best friend to do the voice overs, he denied him the right to broadcast his ads during his live show or rebroadcasts claiming that Mike was trying to horn in on Alex's popularity.

Alex did this several times, taking most of the credit in helping rebuild the Mt. Carmel Church near Waco and a home for Joe Campana, a man that the City of Austin was going to evict from his home because it was in disrepair.

While Alex made a contribution of airwave time, which was in his best interests, Alex never lifted a hammer, paintbrush or any other implement to rebuild these structures. Mike was the prime architect in getting the supplies, personnel and interest in getting this work done.

These are just three examples of Alex Jones, there are 100's of other examples of Alex Jones, semi patriot. Anything that puts money in his pocket, or gives him more fame,

Take 50% of what Alex's states and throw it away, he really doesn't believe it, but just gives lip service to a particular cause.

News to me, but hardly a surprise.

Alex has done some good work, but the old adage 'power corrupts' is apparently true.

Too bad, but not a surprise. Lots of people get big heads when they get the spotlight and turn into real jerks.

By the way, this is also true of politicians, actors and people in almost any industry. They mistakenly assume that because their work is important that they are important also. Not so.

I can't argue with you

on Hanson's campaign. I was one of the ones who personally asked AJ if we could have some time at a truth seekers meeting to recruit volunteers. AJ thought we were there to beg for donation money in his name.
He has an ego, the size of Texas, I cannot dispute that.
Alex does not like anyone to get the spotlight but him. I have many issues with him regarding how he treated Mike during his campaign, and everything you wrote here is true.
Except for the take 50% of what he says and throw it away. I say take EVERYTHING he says and research it for yourself, and THEN determine whether to throw it away or not.
I'll bet we know each other from Hanson's campaign, if you worked on either one of them.
The way I look at it, is that Alex is human. He is getting the word out there like no one else. I have to overlook some of his shortcomings for the greater good.
Is he a Jesuit agent, sent to undermine the movement? NO
Is he a Jewish Mafia sympathizer setting us up for a fall? NO
Is he half the crap people come up with on the internet? I say NO
And I feel like I have known them long enough to know what their agenda is.
You have to take the good with the bad sometimes.

The 2nd amendment.
The ORIGINAL Homeland Security


Most people just listen to Alex, while some of us know him.

And you have that right, I did work on Mike's First campaign, but not his second.

LOL ... better watch out ...

Jefferson claims to be Mike's best friend.


waa whore!

i am officially tired of your "wahor"

woo hoo!


Real Patriots for 9/11 truth -- http://patriotsquestion911.com/

Find out if you have a local militia - http://www.uaff.us/

Real Patriots for 9/11 truth -- http://patriotsquestion911.com/

i wish Alex

I wish Alex didn't always try so hard to make it appear that nothing could be done. He always makes that case that it is too late and we must give up.

Never offers a solution.

That's bull...


His job is to educate and wake people up.

That has to happen before any action can be taken.




Brave critics of Alex Jones

The critics of Alex Jones are so brave, as they sit at their Cheeto orange keyboards tapping away with such superior knowledge. Their bold and informed proclamations leave me breathless.
I hope Alex reads these righteous comments and stops spreading the gosh darn truth.



Who are you talking about - people with opinions you don't like?

Hey, we still have free speech and if someone doesn't much care for AJ, it's his right to say so.

I hope AJ reads the comments, gets off his high horse and back down with us regular folks.

kid rock..... lmao... what a

kid rock..... lmao... what a friggin sissy!

"When governments fear the people there is liberty. When the people fear the government there is tyranny."
-Thomas Jefferson

I am more concerned about the return of my money than the return on my money. --Mark Twain

I occasionally get a chuckle out of Alex's rants.

He suffers from chronic lyricosis.
That is where you try to sing the words to a song, and end up butchering the lyrics, with words that sound like they are in the song, but they aren't...

The 2nd amendment.
The ORIGINAL Homeland Security


First heard of him when he was causing trouble at the drivers licence office for their fingerprint program. I live in TX, and that really caught my attention because I had been thinking similar things to what he was saying. Nobody's perfect, but he's had my support ever since that day.

Alex got me

on the right road to truth. He taught me to question everything.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

I fell in love with him the moment I saw...

I fell in love with him the moment I saw him speak up to Bush Jr in Texas, he got dragged out of the audience yelling "Why don't you tell these people about your Skull and Bones secret society?" and arrested. How many times has he been arrested? I wish I had his bravery.

alex is alex

he rails against things that need to be railed against.

is he human? yep.

is he a little bit "out there"? more then a little.

Listening to Alex Jones isn't any worse then reading the Daily Paul. The Daily Paul is varied. There are a lot funny people on the DP.

But the good stuff more then makes up for it. The gems are just brilliant.

Same thing with Alex Jones. You have to put up with the shenanigans and hyperbole, but there are valuable bits that more then make up the difference.

I applaud Alex for trying to expose corruption

But sometimes I think he does more to damage the truth movement than he does to help it. I remember watching alex jones ranting behind some anchors at a public press meeting on cnn one night yelling into his megaphone " 911 was an inside jo....obbbb !!" over and over again. He could have used that opportunity to promote any one of the documentaries that explain things like , Improbable collapse or even loose change yet he just made himself appear silly. If he had been yelling "Support 911 truth , google loose change !!" or something of that nature he might had done something useful with so many people listening.

~Mikael / Peace, love, Light and unity ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Stop the NWO....It's just illumi..Naughty !

Meet rhino and his sidekick felatioonmymate

It must be hard to see out of that little hole...
Instead of praising ones actions like 99% of the people in this thread do, they try to plant seeds of doubt. Have you ever wondered why they do that?
Because they are jealous that they don't have the guts to stand up to tyranny and face ugly truths. Their transparent attempts to discredit should be a red flag to most here.

The 2nd amendment.
The ORIGINAL Homeland Security

Why did you delete my post, moderator?

Jerkoffsum is a liar and a Nazi. If he does not want to be called those names, he should not lie and he should not post anti-Semitic material on DP. Are you a truther(moderator)? It is easy to see that your answer to this question would be yes, because your bias shows by not deleted Jerkoffsum's posts. I guess Jerkoffsum is above the DP rules.

LMAOROTFF......... dang my

LMAOROTFF......... dang my stomach hurts after lauging that hard..

"When governments fear the people there is liberty. When the people fear the government there is tyranny."
-Thomas Jefferson

I am more concerned about the return of my money than the return on my money. --Mark Twain

LOL ...

Are you sure you are not AJ because ...

He approaches opposition the exact same way.

Keep posting ...

it reveals what you are.


LOL ...

Sometimes I think Jefferson is AJ.

They both live in Austin ...

They both use the same techniques.

And Jefferson claims that one of his friends use to be a producer for AJ.



You probably think that because, I have balls

and you don't.
I am about action.
You are about sitting on the sidelines, taking cheap shots.
You are so pathetic, that you couldn't even part with 5 dollars a month for Trevor Lyman's project, but seized the opportunity to try and plant seeds of doubt.
You are a scrub of the worst kind. Spending most of your time on an internet forum, when you should be spending time with your young children, in their formative years.
The 2nd amendment.
The ORIGINAL Homeland Security