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Former Hitler Youth author angers both right, left -- Comparisons between Nazi leader, Obama draws strong reaction

Posted: November 22, 2008
10:50 pm Eastern

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A new book by a former Hitler Youth, which condemns totalitarian fascism and communism, has drawn angry reactions from both the American political left and the political right.

The book is "Defeating the Totalitarian Lie: A Former Hitler Youth Warns America" by Hilmar von Campe.

In an appearance on Michael Savage's nationally syndicated talk-radio program, von Campe pointed to similarities between the rise of totalitarianism under Adolf Hitler and the current social and political trends inside the United States, specifically mentioning the policies of Barack Obama as being similar to national socialism, which von Campe lived through.

Get Hilmar von Campe's "Defeating the Totalitarian Lie: A Former Hitler Youth Warns America."

On the right, Michael C. Moynihan writing for Reason Online downplayed any parallelism, writing, "Now that Naomi Wolf's breathless tale of America's collapse into fascism has been further repudiated (unless, that is, Hitlerian countries routinely elect people like Barack Obama), perhaps it's time for the hysterics on the right to tremble in fear at the forthcoming machtergreifung. First, the psychopathic radio host and 'world famous herbal expert' Michael Savage hosts former Hitler Youth member Hilmar von Campe 'to discuss similarities between President-elect Obama and the rise of totalitarianism under Hitler.' Not much you can say to that, except to point out that beyond the big, excited crowds, there are absolutely no similarities."

On the left, Mother Jones was quick to join in, referring to von Campe as "one of a bevy of conservative authors who in the weeks before the election whipped up the fear that Obama was the modern-day version of the Nazi dictator. In an Oct. 28 WorldNetDaily column, he wrote, 'Socialist Hitler destroyed free society in a few months. Socialist Obama is close to his steppingstone.'"

Mother Jones called Savage "an over-the-top purveyor of extreme rhetoric" who, in their opinion, was not breaking new ground by scheduling von Campe as a guest. "But it's a signal the say-anything right is not dumping the Obama-as-Hitler argument," they continued. "Will this stuff play even to the GOP base? This sort of talk, if it becomes widespread in the months and years ahead, is more likely to separate the brimming-with-resentment conservatives from more responsible Republicans – which certainly won't make the GOP's repair job any easier. But politics aside, the continued use of this hysterical rhetoric raises this question: Do these agitators who liken the historic 2008 election to Hitler's putsch hate America?"

In the lead up to the presidential election, Media Matters placed von Campe alongside radio host Mark Levin and other media figures who allegedly compared Obama to Hitler or the Nazis. \

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Government control of the minds of children

Prior to the election, I was shocked to hear from my 6 year old grandson how great Obama was, and how I should vote for him. He picked this up from his school teacher.

A few days after the November election I went to pick him up early and had to check in with the office. Right there next to the office door was a life size cutout of Obama, "Our New President".

Young minds can easily be indoctrinated. I just hope that grandfathers are more powerful than teachers.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

keep this in mind... when it comes to children...

and the indoctrination of them by the current government..

based on the past... and what is planned for the future right here in America..

(see the end of the video....)

Thanks for posting this Jdayh.

Britain is about to introduce "youth academies" along the lines of Obama's youth brigades. It has definite echos of the Hitler Youth for me:


As Henry Metelmann points out, a youth brigade is a great way to make kids move in lockstep and commit atrocities when required by their leaders.




What do Hitler, Stalin, Bush and Obama have in common?

We really use a false division when we talk about Liberal and Conservative.

If you imagine a scale with anarchy (total freedom) on one end and tyranny (total subjugation) on the other, then we should be better able to understand where these four rulers stand.

The government that our Founding Fathers gave us was much closer to the freedom end of the scale than the subjugation end. Unfortunately, almost from the first days of this government we have been gradually moving away from that end toward the subjugation end.

Of course Hitler and Stalin ruled over systems much closer to total subjugation that Bush and Obama, but Bush and Obama have brought us closer. It seems that each administration adds on more plunder and more control to what all their predecessors imposed upon us. Few repeal existing laws. Of course there have been Presidents who have been exceptions along this long march toward tyranny, but the trend is clear.

As we enter a new era of long term economic contraction that is almost universally misunderstood, the march away from freedom in the US will likely accelerate as government attempts to maintain the control that hard times will attempt to take from them. Increasingly government and citizens will find themselves in conflict.

From the beginning of the USA we have had economic expansion with a few relatively normal setbacks along the way. This expansion was driven by the exploitation of energy and other resources. The expansion particularly accelerated with the discovery and exploitation of oil, the premier energy source. The expanding economic pie allowed for an expanded population; the world population when oil was discovered in 1848 was under 1 billion, and today it is over 6.5 billion, hopelessly dependent on the output of the industrial age, which in turn is hopelessly dependent on fossil fuels, particularly oil.

An expanding economy allowed government to rig the economy in favor of themselves, and the few at the expense of the many. This meant that a progressively disproportionate share of the expanding economic pie went to government and the privileged few (like the bankers). But the system was accepted, because enough of the expanding pie went to the average man for him to experience an increase in his standard of living.

But now, as energy, particularly oil is becoming more difficult and expensive to find and produce, and as production is reaching geological limits, the economic pie will begin to contract, and as production of oil falls, the industrial age will fall. This is real and it is happening now, contrary to all the disinformation, denial, and conspiratorial views. The high energy costs of last summer were a reflection of the new energy constraints. IT WAS THESE HIGH ENERGY COSTS THAT TRIGGERED THE MONETARY PANIC. Of course the debt based, predatory, unstable, unsustainable monetary system was an accident waiting to happen, but it is only a secondary cause of the never ending depression we are entering. Lack of fuel to drive our economy is the primary cause.

Obama does not have the understanding to deal with this, and is fighting the last economic war against depression. Government is powerless to deal with this; even the free market could not likely win this battle. But what Obama is doing is attempting to take the remaining wealth of the public and transfer it to government for them to squander on ineffective efforts to address a problem he does not comprehend. Of course Obama must become more tyrannical to accomplish this extraction of wealth and the inevitable rebellion that will result.

The future is one of economic contraction beyond the imagination of even the greatest prophets of doom among us. The economy could easily contract by half in just a decade or two. All that while government and those with privilege will fight to maintain their positions by shifting the burden of the economic contraction to the public. This will be through higher government taxes and more debasement of the currency on the part of government and more special deals for those with privilege like the current bailout of the banks and Wall Street.

As the suffering increases there will come a point, which we might term the "revolution point" where the suffering with going along with the current system of plunder and control imposed by government is greater than the suffering from civil war. As government and citizens become increasingly at odds, government will respond with more repression. Eventually the ineffective political efforts to restore freedom will give way to violent efforts.

The next 40 years will see much suffering. It will literally be a struggle for life with a significant number losing the battle; the burden of government and special privilege will be too much to be carried on the backs of the majority. The inability to produce sufficient quantities of the necessities of life (like food) will result in a significantly reduced population. Civil conflict will take a significant toll. The world will become unrecognizable, particularly in the heavily energy dependent countries.

If there are historians to write the story, advanced civilization will be seen as an aberration that resulted from the squander of a one time inheritance of fossil fuels.

But look at the good side; at least those of us close to the end of our lives got to experience things that 95% of all humans who ever lived or are to live never saw or will see. Take a trip to Disney World while it still is there.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

Hitler's Children ***Video*** Documentary

An other unusual excellent post on this topic:


Hitler’s Children - Google Video
Episode 1 - Seduction
Episode 2 - Dedication
Episode 3 - Education
Episode 4 - War
Episode 5 - Sacrifice


Hitler was a boy scout on steroids, the real evil he was fighting was the Rothchilds and all their big banker buddies who now own the Fed the IRS etc...

Go here www.pgorg.com/index.html Cows think they are free, this is no bull, the beast must be Fed, with pitchfork instead

Cows think they are free, this is no bull, the beast must be Fed, with pitchfork instead

what I don't seem to

what I don't seem to understand is how people are correlating Barak with Hitler, sure, maybe he is charismatic and people will follow him bllindly,
But we have just suffered from 8 years of Bush Hitlerian policies and it doesn't even get mentioned by an ex Nazi??????
I'm not saying one is better than the other, or anything like that.....
I'm saying call it the way it is bush=hitler barak=hitler

"and the truth shall make you free"
John 8:32


Is more like Stalin.

i'm not yet ready to believe

i'm not yet ready to believe obama is evil. misguided, stupid, brainwashed by the keynesians, yes, not intentionally evil.

innocent until proven guilty.

So lying, cheating,

So lying, cheating, stealing, and sending thousand of Americans to die for oil is not evil? Yeah but he really has good intentions, he's just misguided... Sigh.

Not to pick on just you jeffwhite but you do illustrate what's wrong with americans. Despite the history of lying cheating stealing and murderous corruption our government has "people just aren't ready to believe it" Bigger sigh!

It's kind of like watching your house burn down and exclaiming " I'm just not ready to believe it's actually on fire"

What's it going to take? Troops in the streets? Massive economic depression? Blatant disregard for the Constitution? Oh wait that's already happening... Wake up!

Get Prepared!
Only dead fish go with the flow...

End The Fat
70 pounds lost and counting! Get in shape for the revolution!

Get Prepared!

my people perish for a lack of testicular fortitude!

i never said the government wasn't absolutely evil. obama (hereafter referred to as "the boy") is just another one of these brainwashed keynesian idiots who actually believes bigger more powerful governments are the solution to the world's ills.

you have to stop thinking these people are "smart," or "have a plan," or even "know what the hell they're talking about!" they are emotionally driven dipshits who couldn't get a real job.

the boy is dumber that dogshit (130ish IQ doesn't cut it as "genius," IMEO, and i don't use recentered scales).

if the government critters had even half a brain, and weren't power hungry psychopaths (most of them should be put in straitjackets and drugged), they'd do far better in the private sector. if they had half a brain, they'd be libertarians!

insecure little girls like the security of government jobs and they project their own insecurity on the rest of us, hence a bloated government to maintain "security" and "protect" us (FROM WHAT?!).

there are very few real men [and real women] left in this country; all we're left with is womyn and beta males.

A Former Hitler Youth Warns America (Part 1)


In fairness, Obama isn't talking hatred like the Nazi's.....yet.

World's Greatest Business

"The Number one reason people lose money is the FEAR of losing money." Sir John Templeton

Sometimes it seems as though

Sometimes it seems as though the "hate" is directed towards us. Towards our freedoms, our liberties and our Constitution.


nice video thanks...

and he many not be suing hate.. but the whole new age.. "heal the world" and "lets all work together"...(ie forced labor for all young people etc...) is just as effective.. in this day and age...

and most people fall for it....

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Ron Paul 2012...and beyond


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