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BO's speech....a few comments

1. Pelosi sounded like she was introducing an Amway salesmen with the highest monthly rating.

2. HE uses a lot of the WE nonsense. WE got ourselves into this mess and WE will fix it. No, the govt. got us into this mess and is further indebting us by THEIR spending on bankrupt institutions.

3. WE will emerge stronger. Now that I believe! The govt will indeed emerge stronger, more powerful and more oppressive.

4. Healthcare reform can't wait......just like the other bailouts. Spend now....ask questions later. I have to ask whether those of us that pay cash for medical services and don't have and don't want medical insurance are the ones making the healthcare costs high? I shouldn't have to pay the same amount for a doctors visit that an insured does.

5. The "car" comment. Well, anyone can make mistakes.

6. CO2, carbon and other fabrications. I suppose God doesn't think much of the CO2 gas nonsense....considering the multimillion dollar satellite that was to monitor CO2 gases is now "orbiting" some rocks, seals, icebergs and fish near Antarctica.

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