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Granny Gang Reunion!

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Granny's are men?

What the heck was that? I thought "grannys" were a bunch of trailer park old women?

how very nice to know

that you judge people by their age, gender and where they can afford to live!
Sorry if I sound a bit angry but there are so many wonderful people on this forum. Most of them are open minded and really do welcome liberty and fairness for everyone. It just irks me terribly when someone acts like people that buy prefabricated homes are not quite up to snuff.
So many foreclosures on so many houses that people couldn't afford but took out the huge mortgage anyway and where are they now? I am thinking most of them can't afford a "trailer park" residence now.

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I got some seeds

and one of her books. Thinking about getting her other book when I can.
I like the idea of the community. If I could only get my husband to consider it, he doesn't want to move but I would. Good luck to you and thank Granny for all she does and the whole patriot gang. Peace & Courage

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