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Bernanke: Bail out bad borrowers, too


Here's the link...from CNBC:

Bernanke: Bail out bad borrowers, too
Federal Reserve chief says mortgage market woes must be solved to fix financial markets, even if it means helping irresponsible borrowers.


OK...for all those who followed Suzie Orman's advice and PAID off their mortgages:

-how 'bout a bailout in the way of a 30-year income tax credit! Makes it a little more balanced!

For those who lost money in 'the market' -

-how a bailout here 'of sorts'...even if it's something to jack the economy...Gift Cards to our Favorite Grocery Stores so we can stock up on canned goods and other non-perishables for the coming Depression!

As Dr. Smith from the 60's TV series 'Lost in Space' used to say...

"oh the pain, the pain, the pain!"

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I'll believe it when I see it.