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Everyone says now is the time to buy gold and I agree. But has anyone ever tried to sell gold, yes SELL gold. You can buy gold from just about anyone, but what happens when it’s time to get out. I bought some 1-ounce $50 gold eagles back in 2001 and needed some cash to fund a project this year. Not being a gold trader I was having a hard time finding anyone that would give me what I thought was a fair quote. Seeing the banner for Midus Resources at dailypaul.com I decided to give them a call and get a quote. Spoke to a real nice gentleman named Bob Maas and he quoted me a fair price, but he needed to have the coins in hand before he could give me a firm price. Well I decided to trust him because he was advertising on the dailypaul site, he must be an Austrian or like minded person, and so I trusted him. Let me say that Bob Maas is a man of his word, and so is his firm, Midus Resources. If you are in the market to buy or SELL gold these are the people you need to do business with.

Being a free market person, I started to wonder about the creation of a Paulslist. Modeled after Craigslist, the Paulslist would be liberty minded, free market thinking people that choose to support the businesses of likeminded individuals. We think government is the problem not the solution.

With a background in finance I’m not computer savvy enough to begin the first step in the process; the creation and maintenance of a Paulslist website. I’m soliciting support from you; the avid Ron Paul supporter who believes sound money is a common goal we can rally behind.

The second step is to populate Paulslist with people that meet the following requirements:

1) Your word is your bond…no if, ands or buts
2) You price your product or service in GOLD.

Why price our products and services in gold?

Our government has given us unsound money. We will take their unsound dollars and make them sound through self responsibility. Paulslist will be a community of individuals that believe in the principle of self reliance and self responsibility.

Here is the reasoning. We need to change the way people think about money.
We need to seek out likeminded people to buy our services and product from.
As time goes by, a market of likeminded people can cause change, the kind of change we need, the kind of change the State will never bring, a return to SOUND MONEY.

Start thinking in terms of gold; grains of gold.

Gold today is $1002.00
An ounce of gold has 480 grains
Price per grain today $2.09

Gallon of gas 2.09…..1 grain of gold….gallon of milk $3….1.44 grains of gold.
Car…..$15787.00…..15.7ounces…..7553 grains. …..

We may have to use dollars as the medium of exchange but we don’t have to think that way. When we start living in grains and others begin to see the insanity of living in fiat dollars, change will begin to happen. I believe in the free market.
Once this train starts rolling down the track and outsiders start losing business to Paulslist supporters, they will investigate and start thinking, then it can’t be stopped.

An example would be if I decided to return to the retail investment profession. I would charge my clients by the hour for professional services. (Little hint people, if you don’t use an hourly investment professional you need to be aware of what you buy because your advisor gets paid based upon your investment decisions.) If I charge $300 per hour for advice and there are 480 grains per ounce of gold then I would quote my services as 143.71 grains per hour.

As time goes by the price per ounce of gold may go up or down, and I can change the number of grains I would accept for my services, but if I remain constant and the price of gold goes up then the effects of inflation would be apparent to everyone and everyone would know that the government is responsible. Competitors outside this system may charge less and the grains per hour of service are not set in stone. I can change the grains per hour to stay competitive but it would be more evident of what the government is doing.

As time goes by, the free market with people trading with likeminded people can move this country back to SOUND MONEY.

We have to get past the blame game. It doesn’t matter who is to blame and it doesn’t matter who's fault it is, but until WE ALL get past who’s right and who’s wrong we will never address the problem. The problem is LACK OF SOUND MONEY, nothing else. We will never all agree on every detail, but SOUND MONEY is something we all agree on.

So let’s hear from all you people. Who’s going to step up and don’t tell me it won’t work, this is America people, the free market can rein true; you have to believe….and ACT!

The first firm I’d nominate for Paulslist is Midus Resources. Their name is as good as gold!

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I just wanted to let you

I just wanted to let you guys know that I have a alpha version of a 'paulslist' website up at http://paulslist.us. Please check it out and contact me through the sites contact form if you find anything that doesn't seem to be working right or at all, or if you think something would be better if it were done a different way...I put this together over a portion of just the last 24 hours, so a lot of my ideas haven't been put into it, yet. I'll probably start a new thread on dailypaul to introduce the site sometime tomorrow. My plan so far is to just improve and fix things as I go and as people point out the problems or what they'd like better. I hope the site turns out to be extremely useful for everyone here.

Went to paulslist

NIce job man!
I posted my ad....maybe other will follow.

Something I would like to see on there is a live banner or link( remember not to computer savy here) that has the current price of gold and divided by the grains for a dollar per grain price.....it that possible?

Todays gold price
whatever it is/480= prices of grains

I'll see what I can do about

I'll see what I can do about that. I'll need to find a source of gold price data that the website can get automatically, so it can keep it updated.

gcopenhaver link for gold prices


Here is a link to a site that provides gold prices.

What are the rules on linking someone else's site?
Do we need permission?

Reply to Mike Lawson


Thanks for your imput, but the first order of action is thought.
That is what paulslist would be about "how we think about the money in our pockets whether it's paper or gold.

Here is a reprint of my response to a question from another forum post about the price of a new gold standard.

Mr. Rombach,

You asked the question, at what price should a new Gold Standard be set? Being the free market person I am, I say that the market should determine the convertibility price between an ounce of gold and the dollar. For a true Gold Standard to exist the Federal Reserve would have to be closed and private banks would return to issuing Private Banks Notes for this nations money supply. If a bank acts irresponsible and issues more notes then the bank has in gold reserves then the notes would be devalued until parity is restored. This is what Murray Rothbard refers to as “Free Banking” in his book “The History of Banking and Money” It would end the cartel of the Federal Reserve System and restore control back to the people over the budgetary process of Washington DC. It would end the days of financing the expansive government by way of deficits and require the Congress to ask the people for financing through direct taxes. If we were actually taxed for the budget excesses that occur then we might be lot more concerned about what they do in Washington.

There is an interesting book out there by Judy Shelton titled “Money Meltdown”. This book gives a good history of the Bretton Woods System and the failures that followed. At the end of the book she writes about retuning to a Gold Standard and the market convertibility price.

Mrs. Shelton writes:

The first step would be to repeal all current federal legal tender laws.

The next major step..define the U.S. dollar as a fixed weight of gold.

The period of time between an announcement by the U.S. government that it intends to establish, by statue, a weight unit of gold as the dollar monetary standard and the time the actual parity would be officially stipulated could be two years.

To ensure that the free market dollar price for gold is evaluated properly, Ludwig von Mises suggest that the government be precluded from participating in the market during the stabilization period following a public announcement of the intention to go on the gold standard.

Ludwig von Mises:
In the first period of the reform it is imperative that the American government and all institutions dependent upon it, including the Federal Reserve System keep entirely out of the gold market. A free gold market could not come into existence if the administration were to try to manipulate the price by underselling. The new monetary regime must be protected against malicious acts of officials of the Treasury and the Federal Reserve. There cannot be any doubt that officialdom will be eager to sabotage a reform whose main purpose is to curb the power of the bureaucracy in monetary matters.

Mises was confident that once the market price attained some stability, it would be possible to designate the new legal gold parity of the dollar. The next step would be to secure the unconditional convertibility of the dollar into gold at the established parity. While Mises would insist on setting up a special conversion agency to execute the task of converting dollar bills into gold (and gold into dollar bills), Other have indicated a willingness to entrust this responsibility to the U.S. Mint, while at the same time imposing strict limits on the scope of allowable actions that might be taken by the Federal Reserve System. For example, the Fed would no longer be permitted to engage in open market operation involving U.S. Government debt securities. Existing federal government debt held by the Fed would not be replaced when it matured. In short, the Federal Reserve would be prevented from accommodating the fiscal improprieties of the U.S. government by monetizing the budgetary gap between federal revenues and federal expenditures. Instead, the new mandate of the Federal Reserve would be to maintain the value of the monetary standard of the United States.

As a further protection that the link between the dollar and gold would be upheld, the monetary transition should include a new coinage of gold pieces to be freely exchanged for commonly used denomination notes such as the hundred-dollar bill. Putting gold coins into the hands of the individuals for use in carrying out daily transactions would help the make the concept of sound money more concrete, more real, and thus more imperative to all citizens. No individual can handle a printed piece of paper and a hard gold coin and deem one as valuable as the other unless an ironclad arrangement exist for converting the paper into gold on demand.” Gold must be in the cash holdings of everybody” Mises insisted”

Everybody must see gold coins changing hands, must be used to having gold coins in his pockets, to receiving gold coins when he cashes his paycheck, and to spending gold coins when he buys in a store”

Unlike pseudo gold standard approaches, such as a gold price target rule to provide guidance for actions taken by the Federal Reserve, or a gold exchange standard that grants convertibility privileges only to foreign central banks and is compromised by diplomatic consideration, an authentic gold standard that puts gold coins into public circulation would provide citizens with a credible safeguard against the abuse of monetary authority by government.

We have to return to a true gold standard and leave the gold exchange schemes in the past.

I hope this was of some help and interest. Washington will never restore sound money.....it must take place from the people.....this is just an idea on the first steps.....but you know what they say about a journey.....first steps..

PS...if you are having trouble getting a good price for your gold,try midus resources.

Your choice of first firm is a good one. Cause they actually

have gold. You act like you can just run out and get gold everywhere, but you can't. And besides, what is its real value anyway? I have some gold but I'm not going to start chopping up my bars to buy a gallon of milk when there is convienent paper currency. I'd rather trade directly than trade for gold. My suppliers don't take gold, the grocery store doesn't take gold, the gas station doesn't take gold, and the gold shop rips me off if I cash any in. So, where does that leave those who really wish to see 1400 again? I'd love to see sound money, but unless I live in a teeny little community that for some strange reason decides to charge each other little pieces of metal for things instead of just helping each other out, I don't see how my decision to "trade in gold" amounts to a hill of beans.

Question to my fellow business owners who accept silver and gold, ever had a taker? I have had one in 3 years of "accepting" it. It's a pain in the butt for all involved.

I like the website idea though.


www.goldmoney.com....real gold backing digital gold to buy or spend ...check it out

Good Points Mike

Detective Krum Investigates:

Detective Krum Investigates:

I've wanted to buy from

I've wanted to buy from patriot minded people for a while--that's why I bought soap from Miss.Grits

The Liberty Dollar used to have some sort of online classified section where you could find merchants who took liberty dollars.

This is a great way to help out fellow patriots. I'd rather do business with you guys than anyone else.

Like It

I like it - count me in. I also like PaulsGold or how about PaulsDough

Detective Krum Investigates:

Detective Krum Investigates:



Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica

Does the domain paulslist.us

Does the domain paulslist.us sound like a good alternative?

paulslist.com is already

paulslist.com is already taken

Any ideas for other domain names?

I'm considering doing this. I would just let people make their own payment arrangements with each other, though I would encourage using alternatives to government currency. I'd make it a free service, and just throw some google ads or something on the site, to hopefully cover the costs of the vps and domain name.

A Paulslist is a good idea--

I did get ripped off ordering some Ron Paul business cards during the campaign. They never were delivered and no one would respond to phone calls or emails. It wasn't a very large amount, but I still felt bad since I trust most Paul supporters.

When I sell gold or silver

When I sell gold or silver to local shops I don't get a fair price for my metal either. Not to mention that my ID is documented along with the sale. Additionally, you are supposed to pay taxes on anything you sell and you can bet that if my ID is taken, they are reporting that info somewhere.

Ebay is the place to sell. People actually bid fair prices most of the time on that site and you can even make some money. The transaction isn't documented and I've never paid taxes on anything bought or sold on ebay.

We saved $1.20 per ounce of silver driving across town

Seriously. If you have more than one dealer in town, it may be worth comparing.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.