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Dr. Paul on Monetary Policy and Today's Hearing

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He would still look like our angel

in the light, if you put the iris on manual, then zoomed in on his face & adjusted the iris so that his skin & features looked their best, then zoomed out & rolled the tape for his comments. Right now, his face is in the dark.



One of my Heros.

Detective Krum Investigates:

Detective Krum Investigates:

cynthia, it's funny you brought that up cuz...

i was thinking when i was watching that i liked the red curtains (drapes) with the blue walls and the white light in the middle made it look very patriotic - AND -
i was also thinking that gave me the feeling of how i feel about ron anyway - that he is a bright, shining light of truth and wisdom.

i thought it was terrfic for that reason.

Ron Paul is my President

Ron Paul is My President

This is nit picky, but...

when you're taping Dr. Paul, don't put him in front of a window unless you have your camera iris on "manual." In "auto," the window wins every time. The iris closes to keep out all that light & you lose your subject. To make things even easier, just don't put him in front of a window. He would have looked fine against that blue wall or the red curtain.

Cynthia Kennedy
Video Velocity

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thanks for the pro suggestion

this grassroots movement needs all the advice we can get from people with tech and publicity expertise.