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Glenn Beck has a guest from the marijuana policy project on right now!

Talking about legalizing drugs. Glenn said that he was fine with legalizing drugs!!

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Ron Paul is for legalization

Democrats have promised the public legalization of medical marijuana since 1996. Now there is talk of legislation, which would be for 2010.

It's not the direction I would have liked. I would have prefered for ALL Cannabis to become legal, and "marijuana" decriminalized like alcohol, cigerettes and sugar (here in CA).

youtube when available

youtube when available please!

I'll post...

the FoxNews video when it's available!

Lol, he was being kind of an ass!

But, I think he might be doing that on purpose because it's so controversial-- he doesn't want to "offend" his viewers.

I predict that he will gradually become more supportive of it on his show.

Thats crazy! Hard to believe

Thats crazy! Hard to believe he could turn around so fast.

Ventura 2012

Last week, during a panel with Rove and Bolton

he said that drugs should be legalized + taxed. Rove and Bolton of course vehemently disagreed. But, ya, before that episode last week, I never would have expected Beck to be for drug legalization.