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What does it say about a country when citizens view most of its institutions as being corrupt?

It didn't happen over night, but think about how many American Institutions are now thought of as being corrupt!

The medical industry!
The military!
The insurance industry!
The financial industry!
The media!
The government!

What does it say about the state of a country when the people view just about all of its major institutions as being corrupt?

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It says

You can't pee on our heads and try to convince us that it's raining forever.

"It's just one big club... and WE ain't in it!"

"Tyrants fear nothing more than insubordination"

"It's just one big club... and WE ain't in it!"

you forgot to mention

you forgot to mention marriage and religion.

institutions, by their very nature, are centers of socioeconomic control. that's it, that's all, and that's my definition.

those industries are not designed to protect you as an individual, but you as a collective.

what's good for the hawk is good for the gander.


Our educational system.

What does it say about people who continue to fund them?

Why is there no REAL tax revolt being planned? Because no one will risk anything of their own. So, fill out your 1040, write the check, then feel really, really badly for the innocent people that will die with the bullets you bought. But whatever you do, do NOT risk the wrath of the IRS!

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

i proposed a tax revolt with

i proposed a tax revolt with a national strike to end the fed... nobody seems to care.

so instead, i will propose a national strike week to demand socialized medicine!

It could happen



It tells us what the speakers thinks, but that does not mean the speaker is correct.

Some people look at a mountain of dirt and see crap and others see the potential for flowers, food, heat....

Reminds me of when I was a little kid and my parents took me to an Easter egg hunt. The park had all us kids wait ourside for the gates to open, and when the gates opened kids ran into the park as if someone shot off a blank and the race was on. By the time I was through the gate I saw smashed eggs everywhere, to the point, I started to cry. Being a military brat to a Spartan mentality of a military father who was present, I heard my name come over the block fence, and I thought I was in BIG trouble because my basket was EMPTY after a half hour of a very serious hunt (I wanted to impress my father). I made my way to my parents from on the inside of the park, where, I saw a glint above the ground, in a bush, was the golden egg. It was not on the ground where I thought it would be, but it was in a bush, and I could not believe I was touching or holding THE egg, and as I placed it in my basket, I was not triumphant, I was coming out of a state of confusion, anger and lament when I carried the egg in my basket to my parents, who cheered. The next lesson was in learning how to share all the goodies that came with finding the Golden Egg. The moral to this story is that things are not what we think they are, or even where we think they are many times when we are even in ground zero. It is not what you find, but what you BRING to the table.

There will be 1000 men come to the mountain of dirt and identify it as crap to every man that brings a shovel and a thousand of those to get one who brings a truck. Whats the difference between the man who sees dirt and the man who brings a truck? Well, one saw OPPORTUNITY

We are of the earth (dirt), let us bring our shovels and trucks.

Now, have you seen what's going on in Germany? WE WILL NOT PAY FOR YOUR CRISIS is a anti-globalization movement that appears to be inspired by Ron Paul... I never knew who the richest men of Germany were, I only knew there were multinational global elite. We have a global rEVOLution going on and we Americans seems to be needing a truck.

That they ALL go to great

lengths as they have/are with Ron Paul,
Charles Coughlin, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, etc.
RP reminds me of a modern-day-Moses telling the Pharoahs to let his people go!
And so the propaganda begins BEFORE the weekend even gets underway.
More than one way to take over a bank
(This article will appear in The New York Times Magazine this weekend.)

We were founded on Roman

We were founded on Roman principles and followed Roman practises to the logical conclusion: we have our Caesar.

Question is, will there be any Brutus to try and save the Republic? Didn't work out back then, granted. But then, Biden's no Octavian.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

Everything is backwards

Doctors destroy health

Lawyers destroy justice

Universities destroy knowledge

Governments destroy freedom

Media destroys information

Religions destroy spirituality

Nothing is as it seems. Everything is a deception. Everything is smoke and mirrors.

Satan rules this planet.


"If good government is to be restored all Masons must be purged from public office" - Rayback

the outline for a great article

someone write it!

Great post

"It's just one big club... and WE ain't in it!"

"Tyrants fear nothing more than insubordination"

"It's just one big club... and WE ain't in it!"

I'm afraid you are right,

I have been told that until 2012 - according to the Mayan calender, we are in the period of "upside". That's when everything is upside down and backwards just as you speak.

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It says that the point where

It says that the point where the People begin to turn on those institutions is almost at hand.


"The Truth is not always comfortable, but it is always safe" - H. W. Johnstone


"We are not a nation, but a union, a confederacy of equal and sovereign States" John C. Calhoun


Thank God you are here, by the way. :)

Support the Constitution of the United States

Support the Constitution of the United States

looks like a rat, smells like a rat... must be a fish?

if we live in a world full of countries that are mostly the same, with a class of really rich people running everything and doing business across borders as if the borders don't exist, how exactly is this de facto world government not like a de jure world government?

what is the difference between having a constitution and not following it, and not having a constitution?

what is the difference between claiming to be free and actually being a slave, and simply out and out being a slave?

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Means time to take our country back

ans set up the gallows for a good old fashion public hanging.

and are we going to set up

and are we going to set up an actual time table with an exact date, or can't we do that because "the turrists will wait for it?"

It says very clearly that the media of said country

is fully controlled, sir.

Shut off the TV.

Have a nice day.



knock knock

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The Pharmaceutical Industry The Auto Industry.

The Food Industry. The Energy Industry.

Time to lock and load. Protect yourself and your family.

That we are in the final days

of the empire.

"the only thing that keeps the banking system from failing is general ignorance about how the banking system works."

Sounds Kinda....

..... Third Worldish.

I agree


It says we are screw'd!!!

thank you drive through.

I second

your opinion.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."