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Jim Rogers Video: "I expect to see civil unrest in the U.S."

Not much new information, but still a good listen. "Civil unrest" section starts at 5:00 minutes into interview. "The market has moved to where the money is... THE EAST," at 8:00 minutes in.


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Rodgers: "everyone should

Rodgers: "everyone should become farmers" that industry will boom over the next 2O years. Says he's not buying stock anywhere in the world except a few in China and has pulled all his money out...

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Anyone been through a hurricane?

I am a Yankee, NYC born and raised. Two weeks after moving to the South, hurricane Fran hit in 1996. We were out of power and so we went to the western part of the state to ride it out in a hotel for a few days. Got itchy and went back home on the Sunday after the storm, hoping to be all set to go to work Monday. What we found when we got back home was something out of Night of the Living Dead. People were scrounging for ice, propane, batteries, etc., without having had showers. And "scrounging" is putting it mildly. Life lesson learned.

keep the Jim Rogers, Ron

keep the Jim Rogers, Ron Paul and Peter Schiff coming!

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Does anybody know what Jim means

when he says he's not buying stocks but is buying agricultural commodities?
Or am I misunderstanding his words?

Steve, Thanks for posting


Thanks for posting Jim Rogers. I really like the way other countries do their news compared to the dim wits who do ours. They seem so much more sincere.

“Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value - zero”. Voltaire-1729

“Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value - zero”. Voltaire-1729

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These countries REALLY interview in the "no spin zone!"

Russian TV is also very good.

"... the 'N' word...."

now stands for "nationalization" !

I've never listened to Jim Rogers, but he seems like a very straightforward, no BS kinda guy. Seems to really know what he's talking about! I like him.

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nice post Steve. thanks..

nice post Steve. thanks.. those who said to buy stocks in Novemeber, along with houses also are wrong.. this thing has long way to go!

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