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Just received a call from Campaign for Liberty

I just received a call from Campaign For Liberty and I was able to listen to a message from Ron Paul and John Tate asking for me to complete a liberty survey.

I have to say I was impressed by the short 2 minute message from John Tate but can't recall his name being mentioned here. Dr. Paul and Mr. Tate asked for a small donation to help fund C4L and I pledged $20 that I will send in when I return my survey.

Has anyone else received a call? I know times are tough for many, but I'm calling on everyone here to make a small donation to C4L to help support Dr. Paul and John Tate. So if you've got the money, pledge to kick down a $5 or $20 spot when you get the call and if you don't get the call, donate at the site anyway.

I would have tried to record the message so that I could post it here but I wasn't prepared. I'm sorry.

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Received request by mail

Asked to complete the survey and small donation which I am sending.

I got my call about ...

4 days ago and sent in my donation. They responded very quickly w/their mail-out wanting my input on the direction I think the campaign should focus their attention and efforts on.