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Free coffee for those w/ b.s.

If you have gone so far as to put 1 or a few bumper stickers on your vehicle, I guess you feel comfortable showing them off. Show them to those that can least afford breakfast. Take yourself to McDonald's & get yourself a free cup of that or hot chocolate from 5-9 AM at participating locations. If they want $1, it means they don't participate. Don't let them stiff you, don't tell them till you get to the window that you want cream & sugar otherwise they'll leave 1/4" for it on top. You don't use that powdered cream crap, do you, or that stuff that's non-dairy? Please, make us look good, only those w/ substantive messages go to McDonald's. Only 1 per person, medium is the magic word, remember to recycle your lid & stirrer. Temporary promotion, of course. ->->->

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do what now?

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