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I hope you heed this message now

Everybody knows you don't have to be a Republican to get RPs endorsement, that it is open to all who share his views & furthermore, the party system is a way for us not to get to know the candidates & consider their party 1st. Having said that, before you consider being a candidate, or going at it again, take a look at the majority party in your state, or in your district & join it. Maryland was fortunate to have 1/2 its candidates be RP endorsed, wow! None of them got in, 1 was challenging the Majority Leader but the point is, Democrats are the majority party. If becoming a Democrat will allow you to get elected, go for it! Don't be discouraged by what you are now, be what you have to be to be elected, changing parties is nothing to be ashamed of, but not doing everything you can to be elected is. 2 of the simplest job applications to fill out, a voter registration application & a candidate application.

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for interesting strategy.

I agree. However, it will be

I agree. However, it will be a lot easier to be a Republican because they dont necessarily have to pander to special interests to win as there are fewer of them, while Dems have to promise all sorts of goodies to various interest groups. Still, if you are in a state where people vote for the D and not for the man, you could sneak in I guess.

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