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Are You Eligible for...FREE MONEY!

I didn't know money was free! Everyone has been wasting their time working!


This is about the sickest ad I've seen recently, because it's true. Look at the "hero" Obama, the family with government checks behind them, and the declaration that "billions of government dollars available right now."

The girl at the bottom says, "Getting a government grant is a great way to survive these times."

Where does the money come from?

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It's a scam dude.

That Lesko guy made so much ripping people off with a re-print of the federal grants list that everyone started jumping on the bandwagon. The people who "bought a car" may be offering free rides for senior citizens or something like that. It's a method for a company to scam the dumb and a chance for the dumb to scam uncle sam. Terrible, ain't it?

which years copy did you

which years copy did you get? LOL

It's horrible! But I'm afraid government grants are not a "scam"

The truth is that there are thousands of companies and organizations that really are using the government to steal money from the people and give it to them.

Including the government's own agencies that waste their budgets so they won't be cut the next year.

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Oh, I know the grants are real. But not on the level they

advertise. Nobody is taking a vacation or paying off credit cards with grant funds unless they lie about the use. And grantwriting ain't easy, I've done it. These people are running a scam on the public while the real scam artists are quietly taking all the cash. Oh god, it's just bad.

I see what you are saying.

What is sad, is even things which we should normally be proud of, like our own military, police and FBI, and even CIA and intelligence organizations are doing the exact same things.

They waste their budgets every year, so their "free money" will not be cut back or reduced.

Those that are sworn to protect are actually accomplices to grand theft.

But I guess that goes all the way to the top...

I think the ad does a good job of pointing out the general mindset; that money from the government is FREE!

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Free Money From the American People!

What if called what it actually is?

Doesn't quite sound as good.

"Get your free money from the workers of America! Take it from the people! There's billions to be taken."

Steal your share from the American people now!

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