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How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash-Confiscatory Agence Known

A very interesting pdf download by Mary Elizabeth: Croft . How to deal with outstanding debts/credit cards. It could mean your salvation if you're on the brink at the moment.

Certainly a different approach on dealing with debts.


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I read this...

right before finding Dr. Paul. This was part of my awakening process. An excellent read.

Im not sure on all of this

But it really does make you think about what money really is. FRNs are not money they are monetized debt. They are printed out of nothing and endowed with a value that is not backed up by anything other than faith (which is crumbling across the globe, not just here). If the fed can do this, why cant we? On the other hand if you take something of value for nothing you are no better than this den of thieves we call a government.
Does theft from a thief make you just? Or just another thief? though FRNs are worthless, you can trade them for things that -are- worth something. The fact that these FRN's are subject to change in 'value' leads me to unload as many of them as I can into tangible assets that I can trade later on. These things that I buy are what I consider to be true payment for my labor.
No one knows where this is all going. Anything could be made 'valuable' via its supply and demand and thus become 'money'. gold and silver might not be worth much in the future for all we know. Perhaps all these borrow and spend people have really gotten something for nothing?
If you have control over the supply of something you have control of its worth, so long as there is demand. Maybe this is why research into things like algae biodiesel has never gained much traction. Organisms that create fuel grade oil which in turn would fuel their cultivation and transport..
Energy could be thought of as money too. The energy you take to perform a task which is now done by a machine powered by an energy source.
I think we REALLY need to take control over our energy sources so that no one entity can manipulate supply.
The fact that fiat money is unstable may be valuable in advancing REAL money and freedom from these bankers who have entirely too much control. Theyre playing this like a game of monopoly where players keep slipping themselves more cash while no one is looking.

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants

FRNs Have Value

because people with superior firepower accept them for payment of taxes.

They have the guns. What do you have? A 230 year old piece of paper that promotes a corruption-enabling, first-past-the-post, divide and conquer voting system.

Looks interesting

as well as the comments below. Might become an interesting discussion.

Fellowship of the White Rose

Ron Paul was right

she is a fantastic writer!!

she is a fantastic writer!! Some have discredited her on there comments but failed prove with evidence, she is wrong.
I do know from my own on going battles with government its not usually an easy fight.
you can be right but they have power and guns, they will spread you thin and over load you.
Gather facts, excersize your rights, opperate in freedom, be aware excersizing your freedom can have dire consequences, and PICK YOUR BATTLES....


Sorry, but within a few pages I can tell you that this is simply wrong. If you proceed on this basis you will ultimately fail, unless the people you owe money to decide you are not worth the hassle. But legally, this is crap.

Don't count on it

I wouldn't put too much value in what this woman is saying. I know first hand of people that have tried similar ideas she's discussing and have ended up with nothing.

1. She's from Canada. Has it ever occurred to you that most people in Canada are dimwits?

2. She's just using the sovereignty nonsense that jackasses in this country use.....to their detriment.

3. If you owe money to someone for an item you got PAY IT and stop trying to steal.

4. Her methods leave too much up to chance and the mood of the local hack she's dealing with.

5. Give it time- she'll do what the system wants her to do and will not come out victorious. And then you'll read out her in the news and her trip to jail.

Can you elaborate on why you call

sovereignty nonsense? looks to me you use this as a wide sweep to discredit her and that she doesn't know what she is talking about.
Have you actually read it?

I find it hard to believe

that you have met most people in Canada...

"Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance." - Albert Einstein


Please consider that some of our most enlightened and best friends come from the great country of Canada. They are in the same pickle we are so please refrain with the name calling it doesn't help. We need everyone working on these problems. Peace & Courage

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

This is America

....not Canada. NO ONE has pulled this sovereign nonsense off and succeeded. Sure, there may be some "sovereign" bag guys, gals and winos but beyond that you can forget the idea. The state cares nothing for your legal arguments about natural man, FRN's, fiat money, IRS, not a corporation. They only need to know if you've complied with their laws....and believe it or not....for right now THEIR law is supreme.

Government does not rest with the individual. Personal "sovereignty" is a lie. Maybe you believe and hope you can stop paying the wretched IRS or state taxes or school tax (if you own real estate) and maybe you've heard of others that have tried it and succeeded (more like myths) but do you really want to play with the system that's expert in killing? Do you really think they'll let you go or leave you alone? Heck no- you're gonna' be the "example". If you own a house they'll put a lien on it and eventually you WILL pay the lien off with interest.

You can have all of your "T"s crossed and all of your "I"s dotted but in the end it'll be sad for you. Why not look up all other "heros" that have tried the sovereignty route and see what happened to them.

Hello RS

I did not appreciate your first (1) comment.

Thank you.

Have you researched Dr. Robert Beck yet? Figure it out.

Google Video - search: "suppressed medical discovery"


Watch this dry yet astonishing Dr. Robert Beck cancer treatment lecture on Google Video - search "Suppressed Medical Discovery" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkiX0jJJozk

Be careful

Like reading the summary of a book, reading this just a claim - it's not a substitute for learning for yourself the how's and why's of what she claims to be true. I've read the first couple of dozen pages, and from my experience in buisness contracts, she's on to something. I plan on finishing the read and then digging into contract law to verify her claims. I'd strongly suggest that anyone thinking about copying what she's done do the same, or you could be setting yourself up for quite a bit of problems.

There is a YouTube

Here's the first of six parts http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHZTjTmrgjI

looks like ill be reading

looks like ill be reading this today. thanks for the post, i really appreciate it.

Just remember

Anytime a credit card agency reduces your debt, you are expected to claim the amount dropped as income on your taxes. A couple people i know got nailed fom this. They had $15000 dropped to $5000 & had to claim an extra $10000 on their taxes. Just an FYI to anyone considering this...

no way - how is that? I don't get it.



It's very long. Could you

It's very long. Could you post a brief summary? What is the gist of it?


Mary Croft

Mary Croft is living the life of a sovreign citizen. She is articulate about what is central banking, and how to beat the system. She IS walking the talk, and if you think about being a sovreign citizen, you need to listen to Mary and join Mary, which she appears to have a global network the way RP has a national one. Mary Croft takes the fearmonger out of the banking, IRS, systems and tells how YOU can beat them like she did.

Totally addicting.

I clicked it to favorite it and read tomorrow, but made the mistake of reading a couple of paragraphs. I can't stop! I should go to bed, but it's too riveting.

Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica

It had that effect on me...lol

After I started reading I thought I'd better post it here before I Iose the website addy.

Very good read indeed.

It is very interesting - I have read it all.

Though personally I don't think I would try it myself yet.