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You now have a choice, indentured servitude, or liberty.

Hello again to all my fellow brothers and sisters.

Wise teachers still tell us that through the ages, uncomplicated free men and women understood that by way of regressive tax rested the power to destroy, and now we are faced with the greatest threat to our freedom we could scarcely imagine up until this time.

Inflation is rising, hence you must work harder to pay the same debts.

Except this time, the bill has been artificially raised-without your citizen-patriot say-so, as was your right, to an indefinite amount.
No longer will your enemies chip away at your production, they intend to own it.

My friends, I am ashamed and simultaneously forced to say, the new world order has begun.

The new order is to dictate to you, and to relegate you as an indentured servant bound to the super-state because without your consent, the rules have changed to allow for the elite to become far more powerful through more of your sweat and tears. And you will receive less of anything of value in return, be it cash or clout.

Either accept the fact that under this new system you are to be no longer dealt an even hand in the game of economics,or believe that the collective will of the people alone, the desires and avarice, and simply what people wish reality be, is reality.

There is no other explanation than an empire that calls poverty wealth, and calls real wealth poverty.

The choice is yours. Pick a side.

I choose to work for myself, my family, and my friends, not for any idea borne out of feverish dreams by those who would hide the inevitable end, which is what I can only call a slow poisoning death by false patriotism.

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One detail.

No offense intended. I just want to make a point here.

You stated:

"Inflation is rising, hence you must work harder to pay the same debts."

That's essentially backwards. If you have debts, and hyperinflation devalues the currency, it will simultaneously devalue the debt, unless you have something like a balloon-head mortgage. And assuming, of course, that after hyperinflation, you still have a job or some money left.

I believe that is the real reason for our current economic crisis, if it's really an engineered crisis.

Support the Constitution of the United States

Support the Constitution of the United States

Just as Kevin described,

Just as Kevin described, inflation/hyperinflation benefits those who are in debt. It could be entirely possible that the US gov is engineering this crisis for that purpose (the US has an incredibly high level of debt).

There are stories from back during the Weimar Republic about farmers who paid off the debts of their entire farm with the sale of a single egg.

To put this concept into a current day example, consider what has being going on in Zimbabwe. Anyone who borrowed massive amounts of money and spent that money on real assets before their hyperinflation set in have benefited enormously. The sale of a tiny asset can now pay off, in Zimbabwe, what may have been millions of dollars in debt only a few years ago.


an old cartoon

Is it possible that I can post an image of a scan on this site?

I have an old nazi propaganda cartoon that shows how the national socialists knew exactly how the people could overcome them, so they demonized it and polarized it, with, you guessed it, racism.

The source is a book by Ian Kershaw and the book is "Hitler 1889-1936 Hubris"

Use a photo sharing site like photobucket

Use a photo-sharing site like Photobucket.com and then link to your upload. That's what most people here do.

I give up

I don't know why, but it's hard as hell to post a picture on this site, while much easier to post on others.

I'll wait until I can post in the best way.

photo sharing

Ok. I'll scan it right now (it may take many minutes) and then I'll wait for your opinions.

I think I know why national socialists feared communists that pooled capital.

(keep in mind I am not a shill for communism, but there is a difference between legislated communism and people that join together-with money)

maybe you're right

No offense taken; I appreciate your analysis.

I suppose that since the more dollars we have in circulation, it will take more dollars and more work to attain things. That leads me think that they have us right where they want us, we become even more obsessed with their system, or fall further behind. It's a spiritual and physical tax on our very lives, at least that's how I see it.