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rhino: I see the following topic in the same view that I viewed the FLDS issue

I don't care what you think about the mom. She is the mom and has done nothing illegal. This is rediculous if it is true ...

And for the record ...

I publicly stated that I would be willing to sacrifice my life if it was to ensure that those FLDS kids were to be reunited with their parents...

Octuplet mom fears hospital may not release babies

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Nadya Suleman has voiced concern that the hospital where her octuplets are being cared for may prevent her from taking them home when they're healthy enough in coming weeks. But in reality, hospitals don't prevent healthy children from going home - child protective services do.

And that's only if a complaint has been filed. Hospital employees are mandated to report to county authorities any concerns they have about unsuitable home environments, a mother's emotional or psychological instability, or any other situation that could result in harm to a child.

According to talk show host Dr. Phil McGraw, the 33-year-old unemployed mother called him Tuesday and said hospital officials were worried that her current living arrangement wouldn't be suitable.

Stu Riskin, a spokesman for Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, said the agency cannot comment specifically on Suleman's situation and could not confirm whether a case had been opened on her family.



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Quick question ...

were you expecting a different stance from me?


It just pleased me, Rhino.

Let's face it. Sometimes you don't exactly exude compassion.

With everything that looks bad about this mother and her situation, you could've passed judgement on her like others are doing. There are certainly some differences from the FLDS situation that you could've pounced on.

But you didn't. Instead, you cared.

You cared, Rhino.

And if I noticed, someone upstairs probably noticed, too. :)


this woman is a TOTAL space cadet. She lives in a completely unrealistic world.
Initially, she said that she plans on breast-feeding these 8 premature babies. Experts in the field of breast-feeding say that would be a "30 hour-a-day job".

30 HOURS A DAY ! How many hours are there in a day ?

Just for feeding ! A Holstein couldn't do the job !

She's unemployed. She has no visible income. She's living in her mom's 3-bedroom house now ( which is 10 months behind in the mortgage payments ! ) with 6 kids already, and she's going to bring home 8 more !

Are you living in the same world ?

What business is it of

What business is it of yours? Raise your own family and keep your nose out of the affairs of others. Same as Ron Paul when he speaks of 'entangling alliances'.
"The main thing that I learned about conspiracy theory is that conspiracy theorists actually believe in a conspiracy because that is more comforting. The truth of the world is that it is chaotic..." —Alan Moore

"The main thing that I learned about conspiracy theory is that conspiracy theorists actually believe in a conspiracy because that is more comforting. The truth of the world is that it is chaotic..." —Alan Moore

The satanic elite love these stories.

Here's one from today showing rich people buying eggs from desperate females. Does the young woman in the video remind you of cow ready for breeding? That's why they call us 'goyim'.

Obama is the Pied Piper of Single Mothers. And libertarians are dumbfounded and defenseless.

Is she insane?

Has she committed a crime?

Give her a chance ...

I bet if she is given a chance ...

especially because of all the press ...

these kids have a better chance with her than in foster care.

For God's sake ... these are her kids.

She obviously loves her kids.

Unless the mom is completely insane any kid would be better off with their mother.

And from what I have seen ...

She is neither insane or a bad mother to her kids.

If she is ... then prove it.

Just like FLDS ...

If these kids are being abused, then prove it.


rhino, you say

" Give her a chance ... "

I say ... give the kids a chance !

So put them in the system?

LOL ...

Remember it is an either or.

Which would you pick.

If you pick the system ...

I would argue that you are no fan of freedom.


Put them where they will be safe

and competently cared for !

Again I say - give them a chance !

Their mother - octomom - is a nut case ( in my opinion ) !

Then it should be proven ...

If it is ... then I may agree ...

Until then ...

I would argue ...

Their best chance is with their mother.



Carry on, as if you were normal !

Same ...


Should we allow a scientist to create an artificial uterus and release an unlimited number of human-animal hybrids into the world? Should these hybrids become citizens?

Should we allow men to create children with multiple women?

PdlP: Yes, yes, yes, and still yes

But which scientist? An artificial uterus might be viewed as a boon to some would be parents who otherwise could not procreate.

An unlimited number? We don't have to allow it or disallow it, nature does a pretty good job already of capping off utility as it expands to meet capacity. Nothing in nature is unlimited except for possibilities.

Which human-animal hybrids, or, what have you been smoking and can I have some, Cedar? Besides, citizenship should be predicated on sapience and not genetics.
Dog-Men and Bat-Girls get vote, elect criminal Demoblicans.
And the difference is... ?

And still yes... It's too late to stop me. I have children through the grace and cooperation of two lovely ladies. Which would your Craven New World declare unpersons and execute?

The Freedom Formula: Au + Ag + Cu + Pb

dynamite anthrax supreme court white house tea party jihad
West of 89
a novel of another america

No need to execute, Cedar.

You can live with your own kind. That's punishment enough.

You twisted little freak...

You have some friggin' nerve being here with that attitude. Your mother should get slapped for not teaching you enough manners to have respect for others.

Crawl back under that slime hole of a rock that you came from.

Piss me off, I swear.


That is a completely different subject ...

and I have a feeling we may find a tidbit of agreement on it, but these are her kids.

Did you happen to catch the 20/20 episode where they covered the plight of appalachian families ...

these families are on drugs, can not even afford food, give their babies mountain dew in a bottle ... all terrible stuff, but the babies are rightly permitted to go home with their mom.

If this is true about the octoplets ... I will be outraged.


Rhino's Best Supporting Role

That's right .... you were willing to take a bullet for the private realm of family life.

Upstanding .... Ovation ...Hat's off !



They are not her kids.

The octoplets are a product of rape. She raped society.

Who is the father? Do fathers matter according to the ethereal libertarian human rights origins theory?

Safety net issues aside ...

she is the mother.

Do you think all kids of I.R.S. employees should be taken away from their parents?


PdlP: Um... Yeah!

You could be on to something with that one. IRS agents are clearly accessories to great crimes and as such serve as miserable moral examples to impressionable children. Killing people and taking their stuff is a much greater crime than sharing erotic pleasures (with consenting adults) of a type not approved by CedarMill or Mrs Grundy. These reprobates would otherwise spend a lifetime contributing to the delinquency of the minors in their care if a compassionate society did not intervene on their behalf.

The Freedom Formula: Au + Ag + Cu + Pb

dynamite anthrax supreme court white house tea party jihad
West of 89
a novel of another america