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Obama projects 12.3% deficit in 2010

Obama's Budget Projects $1.75 Trillion Deficit


German deficits were 0.2% in 2007 and 0,1% in 2008

NOT all governments are doing exactly the same things ;-) Fiscal responsability is required by EU to prevent currency collapse, so no member should exceed 3 or 4%

Yes, Merkel has planned a big stimulus plan but there is still a strong opposition group inside CDU/CSU conservative parties. Besides, in september Federal Election people expects Social-Democratic Party (part of current government coalition and promoter of big spending stimulus) to suffer a big defeat that will allow pro-market liberals (FDP) to form government with conservatives. The FDP (18% in last poll; 9% in 2005) is critic of spending plans and bailouts

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What cracks me up is he

What cracks me up is he keeps saying that this he inherited this deficit which I believe was 8%. So he has increased the deficit 50% but it is still not his deficit? HE SAYS THIS WITH A STRAIGHT FACE!!!!

This country will go down in flames very soon, there is no stopping it. We just have to be ready to re-build it correctly when the time comes.