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Please explain to me

Please explain to me why because i have worked hard that i should support others. I am 28 years old. I dropped out of college after 3 semesters. I started out making 26k a year. This last year i made over 130k. Why is that i have worked so hard for the last 10 years to get to where i am and now i have to pay more taxes than the lazy person down the street. Why do i have to pay for them. I am insanely made. Barrack came out today saying how he is going to raise taxes. But he puts in there that he will the the taxs breaks for people making over 250k a year expire. What is next when this wont pay the bills. He will then start coming after people making 150k or more. Then he will go after 75k or more. When does it stop. Sorry for ranting. Have a good day and enjoy life while you still can....peace

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I'm glad you are only 28!

I'm retired and living on a modest income which has been drastically reduced because of the artificial low interest rates that I can get on my savings. Taxes keep increasing and I see hyperinflation coming.

I had always planned that when and if needed that I would sell my home if I ran out of cash and I'm sure there are a lot of other seniors with that plan. But now with housing going for peanuts and mortages hard to get (except for the reverse mortages that they are still pushing) I'm trying to remember an old joke I heard years ago.

It had something to do with a congressman who was sent to prison for a federal crime. Seems the congressman was living life high on the hog with the best health care, golf, beautiful weather, good food, etc. They treat you very well at federal prisons. So, an old guy who was living in dire poverty and needed medical care pretended to rob a federal bank (nothing but a federal bank) and had all his dreams come true. If anyone can remember this joke please post.

My only advice to 28 would to be acquire as much wealth that is not taxable and get involved in local politics.

Preaching to the choir

Sorry. Will you be going to one of the many protests being held tomorrow? Vent your anger there.

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut

I can't :(


The DP is proof that the grassroots support for Ron Paul and his peaceful message of individual liberty is large, real, and not going away!

A funny thought occurred to me after reading your post

When I was with the United Steel Workers Union (maintenance electrician) I was told by the plant superintendent I'd have to work in production as an electrical assembler besides maintenance. My maintenance boss told me to talk to the the Union President rather than quit. The Union President asked me how how much I made. After I told him, he said, "then, you should be willing to do what ever the company asked you to do. I quit.

Too bad you can't quit. Maybe a good tax planer ?

From each according to his ability, to each according

to his need. Or so Marx would have us believe.
"An economy built on fiat money is a society on its way to ashes."

"An economy built on fiat money is a society on its way to ashes."

Welcome aboard RIZ

Is this your first post? I'm just curious, I see you'v been here 6 weeks. How did you come across the dailypaul? we are glad your here.

This is maybe my second or

This is maybe my second or third post. I am more of a listner. I just read the posts and then look up other places to confirm what they are saying.

A friend of mine turned me on to the website. Overall it is a very good site. Very informative. I guess as people here say " i woke up".

Welcome Riz........

"Observe the masses,and do the opposite."

"Observe the masses,and do the opposite."

He has to tax somebody.

He has to tax somebody. They sure as daylight can't increase tax on people making less than 75k.

I agree with you, though. I didn't live in a one room apartment, bicycle to work, and eat hotdogs for 3 years so that I could bail out some idiot living in a house that they can't afford. They can go live in my old, cheap apartment. You'd think that thing would have been sucked up in minutes.

Someone sent me a video of people trying to find free food at IHOP and Quiznos and Taco shack or something. These people claim that they can't afford food, but they have computers, video cameras, the internet, and transportation. Here is an idea. Use that money on food you ninny!

Do you understand that you

are directing you anger at the wrong people. Those on the bottom of the pile don't make the RULES so who makes the rules, NOT you or I. Ask yourself who makes the RULES. The people in power making rules that will promote CLASS WARFARE. Watch Dr. Zhivago and what happen in Russia. They want a revolution so they can implement the next step and the foot will likely be on your neck next.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Class warfare? I don't care

Class warfare? I don't care if you're poor or you're rich. Maybe you can't afford your trailer. Maybe you can't afford your half million dollar mansion on the shore. Maybe you got stuck in a war with the middle east that was several times costlier than you expected. It doesn't matter. You lived beyond your means and I'm not paying for you to continue that lifestyle.

What I am saying is

you are NOT paying for others. You are paying the PIPER and this is playing into their hands. They cause the problem and now they tell you they are going to FIX the problem only the problem never gets fixed only expands. Have you ever wondered why they make so many DUMB laws maybe they are not DUMB maybe we are dumb. You can get mad at some poor or rich person, but the bottom line is they didn't make the RULES did they. They just took advantage of what was offered to them. We can waste energy being angry with people with no power or we can look where the problem lies and it's up stream.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Welcome, RIZ

well, the reason you have to pay is that you are an easy mark being robbed. This is not class warfare as they are portraying it. You are a victim and the poor are victims of a Government of the Bankers, for the Bankers, by the Bankers. The men behind the curtain are powerful elite internationalists who OWN or control governments, corporations, media and the military. Lots of information out there and it would be wise to look into and understand what is happening. Good luck.

Like someone put it "It's one big club and we're not invited" something like that. So true.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Take a breath...

...and chill for a sec. You make good money and you are right that it shouldn't be taxed. I don't make good money, but I am not lazy. You could do what a lot of people including myself started doing... STOP PAYING TAXES. I haven't filed in years.

It is annoying to work 60

It is annoying to work 60 -70 hours a week. Risk everything to start a buisness. Get the debt paid off and run a successful buisness. A buisness that is DEBT FREE...INSTEAD OF MAXED OUT.. Like every other company out there. Then get taxed to death. I apologize about the lazy thing. I am not specifically pointing at you. There are people out there that are. There are also people who are just satisfied with gettting by. They dont want to take a risk. Then they complain about people who do take a risk and then get rewarded. Why. This is unfair. I argue with people all the time. For example employees who think that since the company showed a big profit that they should get an equal share. I am sorry are they going to be the ones who put money back into the company when it struggles. Are they the ones who risked everything to get it going. NO... But they have there hand out like so many other americans. So many feel they are entitleted to this or that. It is hogwash...
Take a risk....

I KNOW exactly

what you are saying and it makes PERFECT sense. In fact don't you think what you are saying is COMMON SENSE. I think it is common sense what you are saying. Then why do you think that our government is doing the OPPOSITE of what you and I think. The reason is their agenda is NOT the common good but CONTROL OF THE COMMONER. Please, think about this because this took me quite a while to understand. Have you watched "FREEDOM TO FASCISM", or "The Fog of War" or " No end in sight". Once you start realizing something is NOT RIGHT and start asking questions. You start looking at that rabbit hole as the Grand Canyon. Good luck to you please prepare for the worst it's coming.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Not saying that is good or bad ...

but I hope you realize the potential consequences of your actions.