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MSNBC ignores Dr. Paul ...AGAIN!


Anyone ready to join me in a complaint to the FCC?

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CFR members

looks like a list of CFR members.
“A wise and frugal government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement” - Thomas Jefferson

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Rand Paul 2016

Don't worry about it.

They ignored Ron Paul during the election, and so did the entire GOP. Even the so called talk show blowfish (Hannity, Rush, etc.) decided to ignore Ron Paul. Now listen to these character whin about policy. When there was a true champian of the conservative Constitution standing there with impecable credentials, everybody turned their back to Ron Paul. Ron Paul's message is so simple, but it calls for things that I don't believe many people really want. For instance, the talk show guys, they all claim to be BIG time conservatives, but they also believe we ought to be policing the world with our military, and like Dr. Paul says, OK fine, but that costs about $1 Trillion a year. As far as this GOP meeting is concerned, you can forget about Dr. Paul getting any respect. They're not going to give him any whatsoever. But don't despair, these GOP clowns aren't going anywhere either, at least not until Obamas out in 2016, if we still even bother with elections by then.

alan laney

We (some) lost sight of focusing on the duopoly and...

"elections commission." The parties have to be infiltrated and taken over. The "elections commission" permits and advocates a two party system only.
Leaving the independents drowning in a sea of red tape, higher costs, and road blocks at every turn. It is "key" to takeover the parties from inside. This is why Dr. Paul is a republican. He knows he can not get involved (and make a difference), running as a "third party" libertarian.

bastards didn't include him

bastards didn't include him ... maybe cuz tehy think he is too old they were also talking about romney being 69 and being too old ... lol stupid

sanford sounds good so far .. but he has yet to prove himself in my eyes .. voting with dr paul sometimes doesnt really mean anything yet

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Well, who knows if RP even wants to run? But, I'll take Sanford

~Quote: "Prime-time for Sanford
Mark Sanford has possibly the best speaking spot at the conference, as he'll be giving the keynote address at Friday night’s Ronald Reagan Banquet (7:30 p.m. ET).

Sanford has upped his profile recently, taking the lead against the stimulus plan — and has shown some toughness in fighting back against Democratic critics.

He seemed to have some ambitions in 2008, potentially as McCain’s vice-presidential pick.

But a shaky cable news appearance, in which he wasn’t able to articulate a McCain position, seriously damaged his chances. (On CNN, he said he was "drawing a blank" when asked to name a major economic policy that McCain and the Bush administration disagreed on).

So far, Sanford has been sharp and able to grab the spotlight. Look for him to be one of the crowd favorites at CPAC."

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Mathew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

The problem is that they

The problem is that they talk of small government but do nothing to achieve this.The key to this problem is the money.With almost a virtual endless pocketbook(the federal reserve) they as well as the democrats,are able to spend far more then what they take in.It's the same old story...cut taxes,but they won't cut the empire overseas,nor will either party.They don't want to change the system but only tweak it one way,then the dems go the other way.It's all a big show while the real problems are never addressed.

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I ignore MSNBC... AGAIN! I

I ignore MSNBC... AGAIN!

I haven't watched a show on that network for many many months... I can't wait for GE to go bankrupt.

Here's a link that explains why Ron Paul's message is better for Israelis, Palestinians, Americans, and the entire world. www.AmericansForIsrael.com

The fix is in again?

The information provided on MSNBC (CNN, Bloomberg and Fox) is not news anymore...it merely is a vehicle for providing misinformation, distraction and propaganda for the shadow Government.

The mainstream media is loosing credibility every month they ignore the real news - Massive debt, war, torture, facism, government lies, government fraud, interventionism.

Who is the voice of reason - Glen Beck? Judge Neopolitano? Is that all we have?

Preparation through education is less costly than learning through tragedy

The Republican Party

The Republican Party does not seem to have learned much. Being a part of our movement has been one of the most frustrating things I have ever dealt with in my entire life, but it has given me a way to pursue the things that I know are right. I've also learned more in the last year or two than I have since I was a child.

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Me too!