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The Things that !!!! Thread

* Partisan Politics - falling in-line with the "party" when it escapes common sense
* Baby Boomers (there are great exceptions to this one!)- Selfish generation wants to feel no pain and pass their lifestyle deficit to others
* Slanted AM talk radio - Brain washing the masses through rude, partisan views
* Closed minds in times of peril - Talk to an Obama voter about foreign policy and they will back him blindly

Keep 'em coming.....

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This nation is a union of sovereign Republics. It's something we tend to forget, and that our usurped school system refuses to teach.

Assert Your Authority

Assert Your Authority

Gotta a beef

with the baby boomer one. Wish you would have used the word SOME because many of us did not take the bait and worked and saved and have lost because we DID WORK & SAVE. I have found selfish and unselfish people in every generation.

I will add that what stinks is people who know everything but refuse to read a book or look anywhere other than MSM for information. People who do not QUESTION or do not want to hear depressing news.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

I had a feeling the Baby Boomer "bucket" would be an issue....

We shouldn't classify groups, right? Will edit the original post... With all respect to you quiltingsando! Like the MSM info-only comment. People who don't dig for info suck.

how about

christians in favor of war - they forgot about "thou shall not kill"


Love that one. How about the "Christian Right" in general? The lost generation of Christians...

Hope & Change

Read: Empty Rhetoric
"The consolidation of the states into one vast republic, sure to be aggressive abroad and despotic at home, will be the certain precursor of the ruin which has overwhelmed all those that have preceded it."

- Robert E. Lee, 1866


venting sleepdog...

What we do has serious levels of frustration.

forgot one

* Federal Reserve - Enslaving the people by controlling our money without oversight