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CHUCK NORRIS Says Ron Paul One of the More Honest People in Congress

Today on Glenn Beck Chuck Morris was interviewed. One of the things he said he would like to do is have Ron Paul, who he considers one of the more honest people in Congress, show him all of the people in Congress that are dishonest. He said they would walk up and down (paraphrasing) and Ron would point out "honest," "dishonest." After that Chuck would choke unconscious the dishonest ones. That is what he said. Amazing.

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Glenn is a scumbag as usual

He tried to do everything for Chuck not to say it loud and clear enough. Hand gestures, stupid laughs and saying OK Chuck enough enough...
He knew or those in the studio knew he would say Ron and they just can't stand that a patriot like Chuck would show his support for our president.
I hope Alex butchers Glenn when he has enough courage to get on his show.


Seems like you non christians need to look up the word. Also try forgiveness. Look I would rather have a prowar constitutionalist who honestly disagrees with nonintervetionalism then a proterror communist who spends like a democrat.

We need people to bring attention to ron Paul. Rejoice in that he brings attention to our guy.

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Caught a little of Glenn Beck's radio program

this morning and the same discussion-all Beck-was going on there too. He doesn't need a guest, he dominates the air. But he was saying he would put Ron Paul in charge of this and that and that Ron Paul was going to be a busy man.

Read Chuck's book

It sucked. Stupid neocon. Stick to deodorant Chuck.

Read Chuck's book

It sucked. Stupid neocon. Stick to deodorant Chuck.

He may as well

just come right out and say that Ron Paul is the ONLY honest person in Congress....or the Senate....or the White House.....
I mean, what is this "one of the more" business?

"It's just one big club... and WE ain't in it!"

"Tyrants fear nothing more than insubordination"

"It's just one big club... and WE ain't in it!"

If Ron Paul used the word "fraud" regarding a certain senator...

...would Chuck still choke that senator if he is now president?


Too bad Chuck didn't recognize RP's honesty before endorsing Huckabee.

ahhh, I like that

affirmation: President Paul

referring to Dr. Paul as the boss. Right On:)

affirmation: President Paul 2008

Wonder why Chuck didn't...

say that he'd pick "Huckabee" as one of the more "honest men" to pick out the honest/dishonest politicians instead of the boss, Dr.Paul?

freakin funny

i wonder if hes still a huckabee guy. maybe next time he will be a paulite.

hmmm, and the reason why

affirmation: President Paul

Chuckie boy endorsed Huckabee is.....?????

affirmation: President Paul 2008

I saw huckabee

on tv, I don't remeber what show it was but he was making a case for the expansion of government. I was ready to put my foot through the screen.

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My 8 year old looked up from doing her homework when she heard this and smiled. She said, "About time someone talks about Ron Paul on TV."

my favorite post on this day

God Bless*)
peace patriot*)

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