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Dave Ramsey's "get out of debt program" Looking for feedback


Hi friends,

I am wondering if anyone has advice regarding Dave Ramsey and his "get out of debt program".

A friend (Rush fan) recommended it, but he had also turned me on to that Chris Mathews site so...

I have not looked into it much yet, wanted to get an idea if it was worth even looking into.



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I like him and even get tears in my eyes when people call

~ in and scream, "I'm debt free!" His program only works for individuals though, apparently NOT for government :) Government can get out of debt by spendng money yaknow..

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dave ramsey is just another neocon liar

who HATES Ron Paul and kissses rupert murdocks huge arsss. I remember on his radio show durring the the presidential campaign he said he wished their was a candidate who believeed in sound fiscal responsbilty never once mentioning Ron Paul.

Thank you everyone, I gotta look into this (maybe)

I value all your reply's highly!

- hey I watched lance lot link when I was a kid...lol!


I'm a big Ramsey fan..

especially his stuff about debt (and how to get out of it). I might consult a few more sources when it comes time to start investing heavily, but, Ramsey's books and general gameplan are both very solid.

Highly recommended.

Dave Ramsey

We used his advice to get out of debt, except for our mortgage we are debt free. He has several steps: (you always give 10 percent of your income away as tithing, or to charity, from the start)
1. emergency fund of 1K
2. debt snowball
3. 3-6 month emergency fund
4. 15 percent to retirement
5. fund college for kids
6. pay off your mortgage

We are at step 4/5/6/ and now I'm not so sure about his advice, as he says put your retirement money in the stock market growth money market funds, every month I wonder if we should be paying off the mortgage, putting it in savings account, into gold?? too confusing but end up following what he says..I think I have the above steps correct but from memory so pardon me if I'm wrong.

Oh yeah, that said, I don't

Oh yeah, that said, I don't think I would base all my investing decisions solely on Ramsey. You must study other folks, learn fundamentals of markets. Keep an eye out on here. I've learned quite a bit from the differing views on the daily paul (it's taught me how to think better).

I think paying off your mortgage as quickly as possible makes alot of sense right now especially if you don't have much to go. But you must way the cost benefit of doing so.

Dave Ramsey's info is solid,

Dave Ramsey's info is solid, truthful and easy to implement. His material has helped me and several friends get out of debt. I know nothing of his politics, but his advice is spot on when it comes to savings and debt free living. Highly recommend his material.

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