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Access to Healthcare Network reaches out to low-income residents

Is this something the DailyPaul community supports? The monthly fee, pay as you go, membership savings healthcare.

Access to Healthcare Network doesn’t provide insurance. It’s a nonprofit program that businesses and their workers can join for a monthly fee, $24 to $40 a month depending on the length of membership. Network members are charged less by hospitals and doctors. But patients pay “up front,” when they’re treated.

In return, members get access to more than 400 area physicians, 73 primary care physicians and the rest specialists.

“Our basic mission is to be able to get access to health care for the working poor and uninsured in Northern Nevada,” said Sherri Rice, AHN executive director.

On Tuesday, the group was named Agency of the Year by the Human Services Network during an awards breakfast at the Peppermill Resort Casino in Reno.

“The award was an acknowledgement of how creative and powerful this partnership is,” Rice said.

Members pay $40 to $45 to see a primary care physician and $65 to $70 for a specialist. There’s also access to 14 urgent care clinics and pharmacy discounts at Safeway and Scolari’s locations, among other services.

I have read articles recently about these networks springing up around the country. I see it as better than no insurance and gives small businesses something to offer employees. I found a nationwide company offering the same type of savings memberships.

I personally have insurance, but when I move on to my next job I want to find the best, cheapest, way to cover my wife and I.

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