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Little Off Topic But A Call For Help

This is a little off topic but, in tough economic times, it can help so this person is asking for Americans to help. I am posting the email I received and if you are inclined to help - thanks. If not, thanks too for at least reading it.
Increase Gas Mileage Report


This has been a really rocky road. It is so amazing that President Obama has
ordered all the American car makers to get another 10 miles per gallon out of
their cars, and we typically increase the mileage just with the HAFC kit by at
least that with just about anything we do when it is done right. In other
words, right now there is only ONE entity in this country that can take just
about any make and model of car and exceed the Presidents orders RIGHT NOW!
That is incredible, because in January the FTC tried to shut our main company
the supplier of the HAFC kits down. In a one of a kind expert report, the FTC
has an expert physicist that claimed that it is IMPOSSIBLE for anyone (not just
us) to get more than a 4% improvement in the fuel economy of any American made
car! Because of that purported FACT, it made all our representations of getting
over 50% improvement the majority of the time impossible! This expert claimed
that about 96% of the gasoline in a vehicles is burned (leaving only 4% to
leave the tailpipe.) While this is not untrue, that does not mean that the
burned fuel is making any power on the wheels, instead most of it is being
burning in the catalytic converter UNDER the vehicle for NO mechanical benefit
to the owner of the car. This report, while technically true, was irrelevant to
the nature of the internal combustion engine process and the overall fuel
economy of a vehicle. The FTC's expert report became the justification to put
us out of business. Imagine the President of the United States and all his
expert advisors ordering the car makers to do what this FTC expert claims is
impossible. Imagine the FTC of this administration trying to shut down the
company that can give the President what he wants.

The FTC came in and on the strength of this expert got a judge, exparte (means
they ONLY heard ONE side of the story), to order that all of Dutchman
Enterprises' bank accounts be frozen and the company?s assets be confiscated
and the company be restricted from making any claims or doing any business.
They froze the accounts with hundreds of thousands of dollars in them on
Thursday, would not even allow the paychecks for the employees to be paid on
Friday. All the employees went home and the business was shut down based upon
no complaints at all to the FTC? ONLY this report from the expert that stated
that what we were claiming (and what the President was ordering to happen by
2011) was impossible. It was a disaster for us!

We tried to get the judge to at least give us access to a portion of our funds
to be able to hire a lawyer, but the FTC refused to grant us even that one
small right to counsel. So, the leader of our project tried to mount a defense
without any legal counsel. They even froze his personal accounts and the
company had nothing to operate on or use to defend itself. Our guys went to
court and the judge soon realized the injustice of it all and allowed us to
have money for our defense. We also asked if we could use some of our own money
to hire our own expert physicist to rebut their Doctor of physics. The judge
allowed us to spend $5,000 for that purpose. That turned out to be enough,
because a Harvard engineer that had been following this project volunteered to
help out for free, and it turned out, his father has a double doctorate in
materials and in physical engineering with a master?s degree in internal
combustion engine design, and is world renown with almost 100 scientific
abstracts published and books translated into most languages of the world. The
father was overseas and volunteered to come to the USA to give his opinion if
we would just pay his expenses. We also got the ex Vice President of the
Society of Automotive Engineers who designs internal combustion engines for GM,
Volvo and Saab give us a report on his opinion as well. The cost for both of
these experts came to $5,000.

So, on February 5th, after a month of no activity and frozen accounts that
almost destroyed our business, we finally were ready to be heard in opposition
to the FTC's heavy handed and totally unjustified attack on us. We had a
hearing before judge Shipp in Federal District Court. In the morning they put
on their expert who stood by his report. The judge was originally shocked to
discover that the FTC had not ever gotten even on complaint to justify this
action. Our lawyer cross examined their expert and actually got him to agree
with every single point our experts were going to prove that day. He showed him
a report from the department of Energy showing that it was possible for the fuel
efficiency of cars to be increased by 50% by just injecting hydrogen into the
combustion chamber to help the gasoline burn better. Our lawyer asked the
expert if he thought the DOE was also lying about that fact. Our lawyer pointed
out government web sites that state that vehicles are only 15%-20% efficient
while this expert was saying that vehicles are 96% efficient. Our lawyer showed
their expert facts and reports from car makers, NASA, MIT, and even the
encyclopedia to prove the folly of his assumptions. It was not a very good day
for their physicist. He was caught in defending physical principles that are,
on their face, true, but not relevant.

Then our experts explained to the judge why the report of their expert was not
relevant to the issue of fuel economy, and it became clear to the judge that
their cryogenics expert (even by his own admissions) was a poor selection on
the part of the FTC for an expert to give an opinion on internal combustion
engines. The long and short of it is that we PROVED in that courtroom on the
5th of February that our HAFC technology could actually increase the efficiency
of vehicles (in the unanimous opinions of all our experts) by at least as much
as 200% without violating even one of the laws of physics. The judge was
convinced, and ruled that our bank accounts be unfrozen and that we not be
restrained from doing any activity that we are currently doing and that we do
not, in his opinion, pose a danger to consumers.

If you want to read the whole story, here is a link to PESN.com -

Isn?t it Time for the Government that Claims to Want Energy Independence and
To Stop Pollution To Hear from The American People?

Why is it that for us to try to bring our answers to the energy problems we are
constantly being harassed by the very people who claim to be looking for them?
Look at the history of our struggle in a world that is looking for what we
have. In our formative stages we developed the PICC breakthrough. The Bush
administration was so impressed that they sent an advisor to the president to
see what we were doing. He got so excited about what we showed him that he went
back to the President and supposedly was going to host a demonstration with the
Chief of Staff at the White House to get us with the DOE and the EPA and sort
of force them to test our pollution free device. That ended up wasting a year
on promises (all of which are on tape) none of which were ever delivered. Then
the advisor became part of a department to find alternative energy sources and
their top advisor had to confirm the interest of the President?s man who came
here, originally. ACORE's expert reluctantly came from DC and when we showed him
what we could do he got very excited. He wanted to set us up with the Pentagon
and we refused to deal with them. His excitement, and phone calls, were also
caught on tape. That became another series of promises and then we were
suddenly dropped like a hot potato. It was clear that we were on our own. We
then announced the PICC project and our research revealed that it had far more
potential than even we had ever imagined. You got involved from ads to
encourage you to give us the public support base we needed since it was obvious
that conservation talk was just that? talk. We had a major breakthrough and so
we went to DC on our own without an invitation and at the ACORE Renewable Energy
Expo, we rallied some excitement from the people, and did our best to embarrass
the government phonies who insist on finding solutions that big business will
be able to use to control the people. We are developing the PICC now to
actually be able to run any vehicle at well over ten times the current mileage
even on unrefined crude oil with near zero pollution! In the meantime we could
take our HAFC and provide double mileage on the average by just getting car
makers to stop their planned obsolescence program in which, through unburned
fuel, they make carbon build up and sludge to wear down their engines thereby
destroying the fuel economy of their cars with their computer controls. We made
major inroads with Ford. They really wanted a relationship with us on the PICC,
but we insisted that they get involved in the HAFC to earn the bigger
relationship. We even provided them with 50 HAFC units to test over a 60 day
test period. It was going great until one of our dealers misused the Ford Logo
and that brought the ford family into the program. With the car makers trying
to get bail out money from the government a relationship with Ford was not
possible. Ford denies they ever tested the units we sent to them and all the
talks and meetings we tape recorded. They did not want to upset the government
by actually working with us to deliver what all of them SAY they want. Now,
along comes President Obama (a new President from the other aisle.) He has
ordered the car makers they are bailing out that within three years, they MUST
increase mileage by less than we have demonstrated time after time we can
deliver now. His administration?s own agency (the FTC) is trying to kill us.
Will you please help us now? We have been struggling against everyone who
claims to want what we are doing that is in your best interests for close to a
decade now. How much longer must we fight the officials who claim to be
looking out for you? I ask who we can get to protect us from the people we the
people have elected to protect us? Will you please at least write a letter to
Rahm Emmanuel, the White House Chief of Staff, and ask him why the
administration?s FTC is trying to put a company out of business that is
trying to provide the answer to President Obama?s directive to the auto
industry? This is a technology that can exceed the President?s expectations
by even retrofitting not only new cars, but also includes an answer for every
car on the road. The FTC has attempted to stop it on the basis of an expert
report with a firm stance that what President Obama has ordered is technically
impossible to do, making it look like President Obama and his advisors are also
misrepresenting what is possible to the public. So far it has resulted in
evidence offered in a court of law that impressed the judge that this company
really may have the answer. The judge ruled against the FTC and in favor of
this little company, Dutchman Enterprises, LLC, in New Jersey. So, why would
the government be trying to stop them rather than looking into what they have
and giving them every opportunity to prove they really can deliver? Something
OR NOT THEY ARE YOUR ADMINISTRATION! The address for both letters is 1600
Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D.C. 20502. Please get everyone you know to
read this letter and write their own letter to the Chief of Staff, Rahm
Emmanuel, and the Commander in Chief, President Obama! Let?s get some answers
before it is too late! We only want a fair chance to prove what we can do for
the American people! We can, and will, provide the White House with expert
opinions and scientific evidence that we are the real deal.

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