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For Those In the Process of Finding Housing

I know that many of you have contacted me saying that you, too, are losing your homes or are about to.

We are in the process of looking for rental housing. I have 18 days to find a rental before the foreclosure sale. It is difficult when your credit is shot because of the housing situation that you are already in.

I am here to issue you a warning. We have responded to not one, not two, but three FAKE ads for rental houses. These scammers are pulling real pictures of houses from other sites and simply changing their phone numbers and getting information on you including your personal info to "run your credit". More like "ruin your credit".

Please, please...be careful when contacting people about rental houses. Make sure they are legitimate. Make sure it is a house that you can drive to locally (unless you are relocating to another state). Make sure that you do not reveal any of your personal information (even doing credit checks online) until you can verify that it is a legitimate posting.

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Wow that's just crazy! I

Wow that's just crazy!

I guess going through a real estate company is out of the question because of the credit situation huh?


and now there are even some "creating" fake companies and having you run your credit online with certain companies. Who knows if the credit companies are real or fake?



Just saw a warning here in NC on craigslists. They are everywhere. Be careful and tell your friends.

you're in NC?

Assert Your Authority

Assert Your Authority


or CA, NV, NY, etc


Scammers are working both sides of the deal! I've placed ads for room rental on Craig's List and most of the respondents are from distant places looking to trick you into wiring money to a third party for "furniture delivery" immediately after you receive their bogus check for 6 months' advance rent. Be wary!

New Hampshire and Ecuador.


They have pictures of really nice houses up for crazy stupid prices (rental) and then when you email you get some broken English email back with an international phone number.

I googled one of them and that same house was truly for rent but for a lot more money and he said he's flagged every fake post on craigslist and alerted them to the scam.

All I want is a real house for a decent price. GEEZ.