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Better than the dollar ?

Really outside the box !

Has anyone ever though what happens to the shares of publicly traded company's if and when the dollar ever collapses ?

In other words, bargain price to insure some wealth and maybe a profit ?

Is Soros buying the market ?

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This is a very good question, and worth pondering.

I think the markets will close for some undetermined amount of time and all stocks will be revalued in some way, related to how the $USD will be revalued, possibly to gold, which should go to the moon.

I think companies with actual industrial or commodity resources will fair the best, but all bets are off and markets will be vary volitile until things can be stabilized.

This is a very broad question and I hope we can get a lot of comments so we can help each other come to a collective common sense understanding.

My Grandfather (95 yrs old) told me today that this is what

~ happened after the war. House prices were rock bottom, he looked at a few, but nobody had the 20% to put down. Nobody that is but bankers..
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Please look at Russia...

more millionaires than any other country in the world I think...but even they count their wealth in fiat currency, even they are affected by weak money markets. Put your wealth into knowledge, quality basic products and preparedness for a time of self government.

Assert Your Authority

Assert Your Authority

if you study books on the great depression

this is precisely what the rothschilds did.

basically, the rich got richer because they waited it out.