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Anyone Unemployed? door2door co-op?

My younger brother called me today. I could tell he was near tears by the stress in his voice. He is 23, married, and has a mortgage. He worked at a casino--Not anymore. He worked at a car dealership-- Not anymore. He worked for Coca Cola-- Not anymore. He worked at caterpillar-- Not anymore. He sais that he has filled out over 30 applications this past week. He is currently shampooing peoples carpet for free in an attempt to sell them a vacuum cleaner they cannot afford nor do they qualify for the credit necessary purchase the item they have little use for.

I am posting this in hopes that maybe some ideas can start to brew. I was thinking about the idea of door to door sales in bulk dry food stuffs and natural soaps and any other idea that may be useful to people in the near future. I saw urbannaturals.net founder is going through a hard tme now currently and I wondered how many other *Kooky* Daily Paulers are experiencing financial difficulties.

Perhaps with the eclectic collection of different brilliances around here, there may be a way to help each other while spreading the message of liberty and freedom and avoid the sufferings imposed by the federal reserve.

Any thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I think it would be pretty neat to be able to sell quality products made by fellow Paulites. Since many of us no longer canvass door to door for freedom now that the election is over, this would help give a chance to continue to network and develop more base while the tsunami comes our way.

Before the election, many people relied on call lists-- this would be an opportunity to canvass everyone within your area and subtley imbue everyone with the beauty of freedom.

Its late. I'm tired. I know I have not articulated what I wanted the way I wanted. This is not intended as a ploy to exploit the movement. It is supposed to be an honest attempt to establish a way for liberty loving individuals to help one another in these hard economic times. Find a product that everyone will want because they know they will need it while we are able to plant the seeds of freedom and further the cause for upcoming elections. If I get to canvass my entire town door to door now and put food on my table.. I will have made my face shown to everyone and will have communicated to the point where I have a better grasp on the count of the remnant.

Ok, I'm done now. I hope that the graveyard shift will keep me bumped long enough for the friday flood that comes here to watch the banks close and the markets tank :)


My brother is now has an ice route that he sells to businesses. He gets a little bit of commission and so he will be ok for the summer..

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It is sad that someone so young

as your brother finds a lack of opportunities. We can't quickly change the big picture, the system that's robbed us through taxes and inflation while erecting barriers to business start ups, so we can only look at what individuals or local areas can do to help each other.
we all need to look at scaling down expenses; that mortgage seems to be a big part of the problem; any chance to re-negotiate for a lower rate? Would your brother be devasted -- or relieved -- to walk away from it? Or if they keep the house could they use it to generate money -- gardening raising chickens to sell produce and eggs, workshop space to build items to sell? By lowering expenses he might feel freer to stop thinking he has to get a "job" instead of thinking of how to create his own job/s.
I know it's really complex and hard, hope others have good ideas for you.


He lives in a small city. No chance for the chickens. His house was only $70000. I would call him a humble and modest beginner:)

have him look into chickens anyway...

catawbacoops.com - this guy has had great success getting "pet" chickens past city codes. Even enough to feed his family helps.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

Chicken Tracker Would Be Good For Him

What is coming to this nation, he would be able to trade and eat.


If not chickens, then rabbits.

My town doesn't allow chickens, but it does rabbits. 3 does and 1 buck will put as much meat in the freezer as raising a steer. New Zealand is one variety that is known for it's good meat. I'm in the process of using rabbit manure to grow earthworms. I plan to get some catfish fingerlings and feed them the worms. In one season of growing, they will grow to 1 1/2 lbs., from what I read. People raise them in barrels ... can get a lot in one barrel ... surprising. Also, I bought an older greenhouse from a guy for $100 (what a bargain!)...I am in the process of moving it. This will lengthen my growing season. I have found places on the internet where a person can order the greenhouse plastic for not too expensive ... and it might be easy to find old scrap lumber to put up for the greenhouse frame. Or, I also found a place that sells a pipe bender with which to bend the metal railings of chain link fence. From this, you make your own greenhouse frame, whatever size you want. The fence railing can get a little spendy. But if you build your own greenhouse, you can make it for about 50% less that what you would spend to buy a kit.


I talked to a guy who advertised a used greenhouse (not the one I bought). He said so many people called about it. It sold at 7 a.m. on the first day the ad came out. So ... it might be worth looking into to get the pipe bender, find the cheapest place for the plastic, and start making/selling greenhouses to people! (If interested, email me and I will send you my links to the sites I have found.... I have no connection whatever to these sites, by the way.)

Here's some ideas

1) www.efoodsdirect.com has a distributorship program-however it is not cheap, and I don't think they give good enough margins. Making and selling your own jam and jellies from store fruit might be more profitable.
2) Multi level marketing-sure some are scams, but that happens in every business. Robert Kiyosaki wrote a great, little book about them.
3) Job Hunters-You try to find jobs for other people and take a percentage of their pay. Probably unskilled or minimally skilled people
4) I knew a guy who'd buy vegetables,fruits and meats from the docks in the city and sell to restaurants. He made a good business doing that.

The common thread amongst all these idea is that it takes someone to follow through, pitch their sales and make a profit. Having your own business can be a bumpy ride if you don't prepare.
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Start getting freedom today by dumping Federal Reserve Notes, Stocks, Banks and anything made outside the USA. Buy precious metals, real estate, businesses, food and guns and get your business community to use local or sound currenc

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Start getting freedom today by dumping Federal Reserve Notes, Stocks, Banks and anything made outside the USA. Buy precious metals, real estate, businesses, food and guns and get your business community to use local or sound currenc

Best Post Ever On Daily Paul

I was a Precinct Leader for Ron Paul's campaign. It's hard but productive work. If one out of every 10 households responds favorably, then you will be very successful. Take good notes. Any email addresses and phone numbers you get will be more valuable than gold in the times ahead. These people are allies in your own neighborhood!

Locally grown food sells at a premium. People will pay much more to the farmer just to talk to him and ask him about his farm. Find local farmers and sell their produce door-to-door. Ask neighbors if they would be willing to specialize in the production of one food item in their back yard. Ask neighbors if they would be willing to by food produced by their neighbors.

And, remember, take good notes. Best of luck.

Thanks for the support!!

However, there have been some really great threads that I have seen the past year and a half.

I do believe that this can work with a little dedication.

It's all going down and when

~ it finally hits (I think by the end of the year) it's over. Read this post and share it with your brother: http://www.dailypaul.com/node/84005#comment-917797
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One more time

No one listens. Go to a senior community, the ones where they have plowing and mowing but inside home maintenance is left to themselves. Have your brother print a flyer with all the handyman skills he has, every single one of them, even if it includes baking and plunging a toilet. Knock doors, poass them out. Most of these people need some day to day help and still have some money left. I'll bet he gets a job or two on the spot, and more down the road. Enough at least to last til he finds a real job.

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut

Heres a

bump for you! :o)