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Do any of you ever visit the other sites for Ron Paul links on the side of Daily Paul? I just did for my first time

and it seems some of these sites are still updating, and still moving forward toward our unified goal of freedom. I don't know what made me visit a few of them, but maybe we all should more often, just to keep all those who stood behind us feeling still in the loop and still in need of their support. We must remember, we are the last hope of the "Free" world, and the rest of the world knows if we fall, it is over for freedom. We are still looked up to as far as the public level. We are the torch of freedom, and they do not want us to burn out. We have a duty, and we have it flowing in our veins. We are freedom, and the government can never take that away. If in the end they do, all we have to do as individuals is cut the cord, and live a little simpler. They can never take our freedom, as long as we all have the will of being self sufficient, remember that. Pop in on our friends around the world from time to time, they deserve to hear from us.