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Is Naomi Klein going to change the title of her book?

Her thesis was that crises are "exploited" to implement "radical" free-market policies. I think the last 6 months have shot that to smitherines.

If she comes out with a 2nd printing, I think she should call it The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Statism.

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The problem isn't with her

The problem isn't with her message of government's exploitation of crises (Because that is actually true)... The problem is that she doesn't know the true definition of free-market capitalism.

Many people misuse the term and don't realize that we don't have and haven't had for a while free-market capitalism, but instead we have a managed economy, cronyism, and corporatism: Big government in cahoots with big business... That is not a free market.

She brings up an interesting

She brings up an interesting concept but doest quite get it. The Socialists do use "disaster" boom and bust "capitalism" to created demand for their policies.

Ventura 2012


That is another way to look at it.

"It’s common among conservatives to call for a return to the Constitution. But why stop there? Let’s return to the Articles of Confederation, the original founding document." - Lew Rockwell

Bird brained socialist...

She should rename it to the Plop Doctrine and issue a public apology.