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Obama ripped on 'sex agenda'


A renowned expert on the life and work of sex scientist Alfred Kinsey, widely known as the "father of the sexual revolution," is raising alarms over President Obama's pursuit of sex "education" for kindergartners and his plans to install a pornography advocate in a top Justice Department position.

Judith Reisman is a Ph.D. researcher and scholar whose exposés of Kinsey have appeared in several books, including "Kinsey: Crimes & Consequences" and, most recently, a new DVD called "The Kinsey Syndrome."

The new video documentary reveals dramatically the profound impact on American society from the “findings” of the famous sexual revolutionary, who succeeded in overturning most of the “morals” and “vice” laws of World War II-era America. Not widely reported, although today proven beyond dispute, is that Kinsey based his research – which concluded that 95 percent of American men in 1948 were sexual criminals – on interviews with thousands of prisoners and prostitutes, fraudulently claiming them to be normal, middle class “Greatest Generation” Americans. He also “discovered” that children are sexual from birth and documented his “research findings” with the meticulous notes of serial pedophiles who sexually molested children as young as two months of age, documenting for Kinsey the toddlers’ “sexual responses” and timing them with a stopwatch.

Since the 1980s, Reisman has exhaustively investigated and debunked the "research" of Kinsey, best known for his 1948 and 1953 books about human sexual behavior.

Reisman told WND she's very concerned about Obama's advocacy of teaching sex to very young children. A video of his position is embedded here:

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I think Obama is going in the better direction

I guit a teaching job with an arts foundation after two weeks because I discovered that 9 year olds were having sex. It BLEW my mind.

I read articles about kids having sex with teachers and knowing that humans come into their sexuality by the time they are a teenager, I think it's time to actually do something to stop the sxual revolution besides praying and fearmongering.

The day I see parents protesting WalMart for selling hooker clothes to kids, is the day I'll think parents have a CLUE what the hell is going on with their kids.


needs a pornography advocate, because his policies are obscene.

100% prurient

Meant for arousal and void of importance.