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Liberty Works Radio Goes On The Airwaves. Please Support This Project

This is very Important to our cause. Wouldn't it be nice to have a radio network over the airwaves that is NON COMMERCIAL?

If a radio network runs commercials to collect FRN's from COMERCIAL ENTITIES, then the FCC can regulate the activity. By entering in a fellowship network that is solely supported from within the fellowship, then the FCC cannot regulate what content can be aired over to the General Public. Liberty Works radio does just that.

Please consider joining the Liberty Works Radio Fellowship to get a REAL DIALOG about our cause over the air waves. If we get enough support there can be a transformation of the ideology currently embedded in the minds of the sheeple.

Please do your part in spreading the word.

Go to www.truthattack.org for details.

"It is a republic, Madam . . . if you can keep it." B. Franklin

February 27, 2009

Tom Cryer, CC&BW Pastor Joe Larson, Chaplain


We are at present filing time slots with Patriot talk shows, and will be going on the air as soon as the broadcasting equipment is set up, and some logistical problems are worked out. We will be broadcasting over WREN 590 AM, which covers Tuscaloosa, Alabama and Columbus, Mississippi; and WSDT 1240 AM, which covers Chattanooga, Tennessee.


To make all of this work, the show hosts have to pitch-in with those Patriots that pledged support to pay the station lease agreement. But, due to current financial conditions, some of the qualified Patriot show hosts need help - some of them cannot afford the $20.00 per hour airtime fee to make up the lease payment. For that reason, we are asking Patriots to ADOPT A SHOW HOST! If you can afford an hour, or two, for a week, or a month, please reply to this e-mail with your particular circumstances. Your sacrifice would go a long way for the Cause of Liberty, and it will be money well spent, potentially reaching millions at one time. Contact John Kotmair by e-mail, or call: 410-857-5444.

If we all do something, we will all accomplish something



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