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NO need for homeless patriots

Our neighbor at our house in town (before we moved) was too proud to let us know he was in trouble, and now his house is up for short sale next to the one I needed to sell at about 2/3 the price I was asking (our lots and homes are quite comparable.) There were things we could have done, including hire him to do a few odd jobs for us, but he never said a word until he had lost his home.

Another friend has been out of work, when we found out we did hire him for a couple days' work. We tried to interest him in building coops, he is a construction worker. I don't know why, he will not build coops, though. I don't know if he is afraid to compete with us (my husband is still working, thankfully!) or what, but I don't know what more I can do but suggest ideas.

I have said over and over, I will help people file a gold claim. I don't know if it sounds "too good to be true" or what, but here it is again. If you are out of options, GET YOURSELF TO IDAHO. I cannot promise you jack sh*t except to help you stake a gold claim. Once you have a claim, you have a place to live. NOT easy living, not the lap of luxury, not a hand out. You will then have to WORK YOUR BUTT off. Dredging and panning is WORK. However, there IS gold in these mountains. And, if you get some kind of self contained RV to live in, you can be pretty comfortable. And if you can find your inner pioneer, you may find real joy again. It was mearly 30 years ago that we spent one spring panning for gold in Oregon. We were so stupid we lost every bit of the dust and gave up the claim but the memories will NEVER be "worthless."

This is not even a "pack up and run" idea, you can file a claim without giving up anything else, and hold it "just in case."

My point is not to try to get you all to run file a claim today, although it would be good... my point is to put this little piece of comforting knowledge in the back of your mind: Out in Idaho, you can start all over and there is someone who will help you get your feet on the ground.

Be at peace, you are NEVER homeless.

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