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*** 31 States already are, are now claiming, or are planning for declaration of sovereignty. ***

NOTE: Sovereignty is NOT the same as Secession. These states (except for Hawaii) are not claiming to leave the union (for now).

All of these ‘movements’ (except for Hawaii) are explicit restatements of what has always been in place, but not necessarily enforced, as detailed by the 10th Amendment. Hawaii is actually aiming for total sovereignty as it is claimed that Hawaii was never really a state of the U.S.A..

However, I believe the intent of these bills is to let the federal government know that the states’ sovereignty will not be overwritten… say in case certain gun ban laws get passed, FOCA-type laws, or other “War Time / Martial Law” type plans come into play. Check them out:

States That Already Are Sovereign / Passed 10th Amendement Restatement Legislature:
- California (CA): [CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO and HERE]
- Colorado (CO): [CLICK HERE for bill text - HERE for the scan] *NEW*
- Hawaii (HI): [General info: HERE or HERE -- SCOTUS Case: HERE for docket & HERE or HERE for summary]
- Louisiana (LA): [CLICK HERE - §26] *NEW*
- Massachusetts (MA): [CLICK HERE - Article IV] *NEW*
- Oklahoma (OK): [CLICK HERE and HERE - 99% done... stay tuned! (I'll count it as passed for now :) )] *NEW*
- Texas (TX): [THIS WEBSITE] has good Republic of Texas info & bill text HERE]
- Utah (UT): [CLICK HERE and search for HJR003 or HERE for a pdf] *NEW*

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I confess to "laziness" here

I know that the resolution we passed at the State Central Committee meeting is about as useful as a New Year's resolution. I know the one bill that got introduced in my state is "in committee" and have been assured it will never emerge from there. Is there a state that has actually gotten this enacted, got a governor's signature and has committed this to LAW?

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.