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Chicago Tea Party - Live Report

Friday, just after noon, Chicago time...

Just saw a report that there are about 200 present so far for the demonstration at Daley Plaza on an cold and dreary day.
Lots of room for more support here. If you can....well, you know what to do. Apparently the media is present. (This is a second hand report....)

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Was this national? I have been out of the loop this week.

Nothing in NC I presume.


Sending LOVE from CA

Gorgeous day here and I'm sending those vibes to ALL GOOD PATRIOTS. Thank you for Rockin Daley for Ron Paul rEVOLUtion!

About 1000

now and marching towards Tribute Towers. Some jeering, yet some are joining in from the sidelines.

bump for videos .. i will

bump for videos .. i will take some footage of the one in New York

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