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Financial Times: Gold coin shortage as demand soars

"NEW YORK -- The rush by retail investors into bullion coins is creating shortages as mints across the world struggle to meet the surge in demand, dealers and mint officials say."


"The US Mint has sold 193,500 ounces of its popular American Eagle gold coin in the first seven weeks of this year, the same amount it shipped during the whole of 2007 and about the same as in the first six months of last year."


"If we were able to produce 30,000 ounces,the market would absorb it," said Johan Botha, head of precious metals sales at the Rand Refinery.


"The New Zealand Mint said it was doing as much business in a day as in a month a year ago, mostly servicing global investors."

Read More: http://www.gata.org/node/7203

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I just wanted to thank SIERRA

I ordered $1k of silver maples 5 months age, influenced largely by this website. Since then, the spot price has risen about 28%.

They finally arrived in the mail yesterday.

Will buy more.

where are you buying from?

Would like to have a reliable source.


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Check Out


they are local to texas but just starting to retail on the internet. they only sell what they currently have in stock, so the delivery time is normally a few days. im not sure if the site is functioning yet but if it is give them a try. if they say they have it in stock the do.


local, smaller guys will get it to you faster and maybe even cheaper.

i've ordered from apmex and nwtmint

i've ordered from apmex.com and nwtmint.com. so check the price from both before ordering. also, they both typically only accept checks as payment (no credit cards.) but for faster deliveries and credit card orders, visit http://store.nwtmint.com . Prices listed there are more expensive than bulk orders, but at ebay prices (and more trustworthy).

Also consider buffalo rounds which are cheaper but are mysterously also selling on ebay for just as much as maples...