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GOP Mayor Dean Grose email: racism or stereotyping the GOP

One of the first things that Ron Paul said in the 2007 primary debates was that many Republican leaders came from the Democratic Party.

Certainly, they have already purposely caused severe havok for the GOP.

Recently, GOP Californian Jewish Mayor Dean Grose sent a racist email about Obama. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZdj_6H0B2w

Frankly, I've been noticing a substantial increase of GOP-related racism...almost like it's planned.

There is plenty of racist remarks from Democratic politicians, journalists, and comedians. However, they have the protection of the media. Republicans don't...so you would think they'd be extra careful to not say racist things...but it seems the opposite.

One of the GOP stereotypes that the Dems say is that the GOP is racist. Per my years talking to conservative voters that seems to be very inaccurate. Yet, nowadays GOP leaders are being more racist.

Do you think the GOP (leadership and voters) really has a racist streak?

Do you think Dems in GOP leadership positions are purposely being racist to reinforce stereotypes...assuring Democratic majority for decades?

You thoughts please.

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good question Boru;

I can never understand how anyone could imagine making racist remarks would possible advance an agenda. It can easily destroy and cause harm, so I can see why you'd question if these idiots are plants to make Republicans look even worse than they proved to be in the Bush years.

this is chess not checkers

The US has a gazillion GDP!!! Every move taken by politicians, propagandists, etc. is verly likely planned out.

You have to think two or three moves ahead...like chess. You have to think "what is the intention of this move...what does it ultimately do?"