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On Political Piracy and the GOP....

I've seen a few comments questioning the merits and mechanisms of an actual party "takeover".

Let us first address our vocabulary regarding this subject. This is not a takeover, this is not an infiltration, this is not subterfuge. We are all Republicans in the truest form of the word. We believe in the Republican form of government as the prime protector of our earthly rights. Thus taking a controlling position in the party that bears our lineage is not a takeover, it is "a return to essential principals". (quote from WA State Constitution)

The GOP is a candidate electing machine. Though the machine is broken and outmoded, an infusion of real patriots and honest conservatives would surely bring our machine up to snuff.

But how do we affect such a repair? The bastions of corruption have been erected against us for so long, how are we to fight them?

Get inside:
The GOP needs to grow, alot. But it has alot less growing to do than the Constitution party or the Liberterians. Don't get me wrong, I would love to see a viable 4 or 5 party system, but we dont have that. Join your state party online and call your district chairperson. Tell them you want to be appointed a PCO. A Precinct Comittee Officer has access to most of the campaigning tools the party provides. Walking lists, voter databases, phone lists etc. Once you are inside and have access to the tools, your real work begins.

Effective Representation:
Now that you represent your neigborhood (about 300 housolds), you must meet these people and become their go-to guy/gal for all questions political. Hand out flyers, polls, campaign etc. As an official GOP office holder now you can lobby on behalf of YOUR consituents. Go to your State Capitol and speak at a hearing or meet with your legislator and let them know you represent hundreds of registered voters.

A maximally effective PCO would have a few people in the precicnt to help him identify issues important to the community and get the information out.

Make the rules:
Through your (hopefully) effective campaigning/volunteering/representing you have gained a reputation in the local political community. Ask your District Chair for additional responsibilities i.e. seargant at arms, vote watcher/counter, platform committee position or anything else. The key here is to put our people in as many of the functions of the party as possible. Once your organization has enough PCO's in your area you can control the voting for all party positions such as rules committee, state and county committeeman and woman. Here in Washington we have about 10 to 20% penetration into the party over all, with many counties as high as 60 or 70% (Spokane county sent 106 RP delegates of 114 total to the state convention)

This particular part of the action is the hardest and longest fought. It will take multple election cycles to fully implement and influence many state's GOPs. Effective and successful campaigns greatly increase your own credibility within the party and great inroads can be made through coalition building and honest friendly conversation.

In every meeting and every convention come ready to fight, know the rules and have a plan. You will win small victories at first, then you will pass a platform resolution, or perhaps a rules ammendment. These will lead to candidates and delegates.

Put their money to good use:
Here in King County we've been thrashed around a bit by the Neo-Cons in charge. In order to better equip ourselves for the 2010 election cycle (we got ZERO help and even opposition from the GOP in 2008) we are establishing Political Action Committees to raise funds for leg, district based campaigning. These PAC's allow citizens to donate to an organization that will use their money in their district. This will stem the cashflow to the central (corrupted) GOP coffers and infuse grass roots campaigns with the cash they need.

Through the intigration of our PAC's, C4L, the RP '08 campaign and coalition building with organizations such as Evergreen Freedom Foundation, respectwashington.us and many others we have affected true and meaningfull reforms in the name of Liberty here in Washington State, providing the "proof of concept". I am 100% sure our path is true, here in the Evergreen State it is just a matter of time and proper application of talent.

Viva la Revolution.

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You would love a 4 or 5 party system?

You say you would love a 4 or 5 party system BUT, that is not what we have...

Well, to have a 4 or 5 party system, you have to work for it. Not throw in the towel and join the "lesser of two evils".

Right now, MSM has over 6K articles about GOP leadership and direction. Ron Paul is not mentioned in ONE article, and now, there is no rEVOLution writing 6K letters for every articles saying RON PAUL.

Why is that? GOP represents "Old America" and Bush destroyed that and the GOP isn't going to ever get it back because the GOP is doomed. Too many people HATE the GOP. My congressman employs the word republican as one might "dracula" or The body snatchers". Independents are double the GOP registration here. GOP is run by Democrats hee. Just ask Arnold.

This is awesome, this is

This is awesome, this is going to help me a lot!
Thank you for this post, and if you introduce this during the day more people would read it.

Yes, WE Ron Paul supporters are the real Republicans.

The "republican party" however is a corrupt cabal of neocons. And if we care for our Constitution, Liberties, and our very way of life. We must route all neocons and send them packing back to the world in which they help create. One that is now hard to make a living inin because they destroyed our countries freedom.

We mustn't forget.


5 *** STAR POST!

i like where your mind is at

good thinking.

That's not infiltration

You're describing a cleaner game plan than politics as usual.

Politics as usual involves saying whatever is most likely to get you into power and then doing whatever you want.

Defend Liberty!



inspiring post

But few of us know how these organizations really work internally. I have posted before it would be great for someone to write a paper on how to do these things, power structure, fund raising, etc. I'd be interested in speaking with you some more over the phone or e-mail. (sambavwman(@)yahoo.com)

I can tell you personally the 3rd parties don't have much structure at all on a local level and desperately need some better information and strategy.

Regardless of what happens with the GOP, I am also trying to make inroads out here on CA for the Jefferson Republican Party. I am attempting to do it a the local level through granges and other members.

We are in the process of setting up a headquarters in Chico with a local business owner who was a huge Ron Paul supporter last election. We both attend the libertarian meetings.

The libertarians are the real Jeffersonian Republicans. I've said this before too, that we need to start calling the GOP democrats and stake claim to Republicanism. The two party system is fine if the GOP is replaced with something much more libertarian.


“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds” - Sam Adams

Peace, Freedom and Prosperity. Not War, Welfare and Bankruptcy.


Preach it Brother

Preach it Brother

Ventura 2012

Positive Post

You're absolutely right! I'm not infilitrating my own party, I'm simply standing up & ready to fight for freedom within it now.

Good encouraging post.


curious to see the rest of the conversation


last time.

Suprised at how fast topics get flooded out of the list.