Excellent Speech by Ron Paul

Taken at Farm Food Voices. Read more about the event below:

On February 14, 2007, small farmers and activists from around the country gathered in Washington DC for the first annual Farm Food Voices, the national small farm lobby day. Organized by the National Independent Consumers and Farmers Advocates Fund (http://www.nicfa.net ) we came to Washington so that small, independent, sustainable farmers and the communities they support would become real to Washington legislators. When legislators think "agriculture," they think multinational corporations, commodities, massive subsidies to massive companies who raise genetically modified grains and green pigs, who depend on poisons like insecticides, herbicides, pesticides, anhydrous ammonia (one of the key ingredients for methamphetamine) and raise animals in confinement conditions that leave them with compromised immune systems, and fragile health, then use massive doses of antibiotics. We are the small farmers who nurture and heal the land through careful, faithful stewardship of soil, plant and creature. We raise our crops and animals to have the robust immune systems nature provided. We are local, and we want to stay local. We want to feed our neighbors and communities. We are not asking for subsidies, we are asking that we not be treated as though we are the same as the factory, confinement, mono-crop, commodity producers, and the regulations that attach to those practices are inappropriate for pasture-based, sustainable, local, independent farmers. And we oppose the National Animal Identification System (NAIS). NAIS is a program promoted by the USDA to microchip and track every single farm animal (including pets) in the country. (For more information about NAIS, please see http://www.nicfa.net ).

DC area members of the Weston A. Price Foundation (http://www.westonaprice.org ) helped organize our reception and provide it with farm fresh food—pasture based meats, dairy, poultry; artisan raw milk cheeses; freshly baked breads; gourmet platters from DC restaurants and caterers using grass-fed meats and local farm products. In spite of its being the worst weather day all winter (the federal government had closed the day before), over 300 legislators, staff, farmer and consumer activists attended, including a contingent of Amish farmers from the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area. After the reception we lobbied individual senators and congressmen. (more) (less)

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